4.3 5 0 30 30 This unique bread contains no flour. Instead, we sprout and specially combine seven nutritious grains: Barley, Brown Rice, Corn, Millet, Oats, Rye, and Whole Wheat.
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I love seeded breads, and this bread isn't bad! Its best grilled or toasted, because it is kinda rough in general. The flavor is great with some butter, but its just way to expensive for something thats comparable to cheaper, healthy, better tasting bread.
Value is off
This bread has some good nutritional benefits, but for the price I don't think it's worth it. Additionally the flavor and texture are somewhat off-putting. Overall not my favorite, even for a sprouted bread.
Healthy and Tasty!
This is one of the first sprouted bread brands that actually tastes great and not like cardboard. I usually eat this for breakfast and it keeps me full through lunchtime. I would recommend this for anyone!
For the luv of grains!
I'm hooked on this bread! All it took was one bite. Now it's the only bread I buy, unless I'm in a store that does not stock this product.
Great fresh taste
I really like that this Food for Life 7-Sprouted Grains Bread has really fresh made taste and texture. The best part about it is that it is healthy but taste amazing. I like that you can see the natural ingredients in the bread
Excellent bread
I’ve bought this brand several times and really like it. I am very cautious to only buy organic food products which this is and it’s excellent for toast, sandwiches and more. My kids like this too!
Great source of fiber
This bread is delicious and a great source of fiber
Very Healthy!
Eating this bread feels like nutrition, unlike "air bread". The grains are not processed and retain the nutrients they are supposed to have! Barely sprouted grains are bursting with goodness.
Food of Life 7 Grains Bread
I like the taste, texture and solidness of the Food of Life 7 Grains Bread. It is healthier and fills you up more. Great for sandwiches and toast.
7 Sprouted Grains bread
The bread was heavier than typical white or wheat bread, but that was expected. I liked the flavor and texture.
Healthier Bread
This is definitely healthier and more natural than other breads but it also does dry out more quick than other breads because it is natural. Definitely would choose this bread and recommend it.
Like it
This bread is hearty, sprouted and filling. The ingredients are very healthy, and it keeps you fuller longer than a regular multi grain bread. Love it with avocado!
Healthy bread
One slice fills you up for hours and it's so healthy for me & my family.
7 sprouted grains! Best Bread of its category!
I love the bread! Makes the best toast and sandwiches. My husband is a great fan as well. I tried this bread when I couldn’t find my regular brand/style. We were hooked on the first loaf. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a great healthy bread.
Healthy bread
If your a health nut, then this is the bread for you! This bread is full of various nuts, grains, and seeds. It is definitely aimed at the health conscious and not the picky child. If you're on the lookout for a hearty bread that will keep you full, then this is the one for you!

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