4.5 5 0 35 35 A rich eye balm that nourishes the eye area while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
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I am always cautious with new products. I was looking for a cream that will help my eye skin look better. The FOUND FIRMING Red Ginseng Eye Balm help me with the paffines and my eyes look more healthier.
Loving this
This product from found, is a very rich eye balm that nourishes your eye area while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I am very impressed with my results after using this, not only does it truly make a visible difference, it smells great too, you are left with supple dewy skin.
Great firming eye cream
i love the Found Red Ginger eye firming cream. it really does what it says. since i lost a lot of weight my eye lids are sagging. i wanted to try this before going for surgery . it is tightening my eye lids. its been 2 weeks. im going to continue to use it to see just how far it will firm my eye lids. I will buy this again !!
Eye balm
This eye balm is so refreshing and smooth. It makes my skin feel very soft.
Love this
I've been using this product for a week now and I'm so impressed with it. This is super affordable and high quality. I love how hydrating this product is and I can use it under makeup without it effecting the lasting power of my concealer. Best of all this is natural and cruelty free.
It really does work!
I really like this stuff! My dark under eye circles are one of my least favorite things about my face. It has brightened my dark circles up and reduced some puffiness. Considering it works and is also affordable, I see this as a win!
Found firming ginseng eye balm
It was just okay did not notice any improvement in my baggy eyes but my skin around the eye feels better but no firming of the skin as claimed
good but not as great I was h.oping
Still have dark cit==rcls nder my yes but my skin is smmoyher
I need this! I would love to try this. I currently am trying to explore my options. Hope I get chosen
I would welcome the opportunity to test this product, as I have been looking for a quality eye balm for awhile.
I would love to try this since I've work the night shift for 11 years and have bags under my eyes and can use a little loving in the eye area :) thank you!
I would love to try this product out. Its very much so needed in my daily skin routine. I would love to see if its right for me!
I would love to try the Firming Red Ginseng Eye Balm.
Is this product for the whole eye? (Eye lids included). My eye lids are always dry, as well as under my eyes. This "balm" sounds like this is something that might help me. I'd love to try it if it does.
I have heard of people using this and seen some of the results and can't wait to use it myself.

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