Fritos Hot Bean Dip with Jalapeno Peppers

4.5 5 0 147 147 All Natural Hot Bean Dip with Jalapeno Peppers.
Fritos Hot Bean Dip with Jalapeno Peppers


Soo good with chips!
I love the jalapeno cheese dip from Fritos so I thought Id give the Hot Bean Dip a try. Omg. So good. With almost every chip I've tried I've loved it with especially the original Fritos or Chili Fritos. If you've not tried the Jalapeno Hot Bean Dip.. Try it!
fritos dip
I love it as well! When i was growing up my parents would take us on road trips and this was a go to snack with the nacho cheese doritos. 1000/10 would recommend.
I love this awesomeness, my whole family loves this dip does not last long in my house
So good!
This bean dip with some nacho cheese Doritos? I swear it’s finger licking good. We always eat this dip with Doritos and sandwiches after a hot day at the pool. Definitely recommend. It has the perfect kick of spicyness.
This stuff is addicting!
This brings me back to my childhood! It is so delicious. It has a great spice level and is great with any chip honestly. It is hard to stop eating once you get started. I also like to add some sour cream for an added zing.
Great Taste Every Time!
This dip is so good. So easy to use, just pop the top and add some chips! Creamy and just the right amount of hotness.
Fritos Hot Bean Dip with Jalapeno Peppers
Frito hot bean dip is ok when they say hot its hot
Great dip
This is a favorite at our house. Kids love it adults too. It's a classic dip with a little spice. Good with several types of chips and crackers.
I love this dip and it's a plus that it stays fresh for so long!
Dip dip crunch
Super yummy for my tummy There’s so many different things you can make with this dip
I used to be a fan of these but not sure if ingredients changed since I last tried this.
love it
fritos tiene variedad de dips pero mi favorito es hot bean dip se los recomiendo.
Spice it up!
I love this bean dip, absolutely my favorite of all time. I like to pair it with hot fritos, that extra kick from the bean dip is awesome. You can store it in the refrigerator for later usage.
Favorite bean dip
My favorite bean dip. I love that it lasts awhile and can be put in the fridge to be used again
Super Yummy and Affordable!
I picked this up at the grocery for under $2. Wasn't sure what to think about the dip but I know what bean dip tastes like so I was open. I like the all natural label and it hold up to that. Great buy would recommend.

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