Garnier Clean Makeup Removing Lotion Cleansers

4.4 5 0 121 121 For sensitive skin. Dissolves even waterproof mascara. Gently calms and comforts skin.
Garnier Clean Makeup Removing Lotion Cleansers


facial cleanser
I felt that this product dried my skin out. The other product that I have used for years doesn't do that. Maybe my skin was in shock. LOL
Perfeitoooooo demaquilante !
Realmente retira a maquiagem, até as makes a prova d'água . Perfume delicioso, não deixa pele oleosa ! Adorei
Gets the job done
Great product it throughly cleans and leaves skin feeling hydrated
Amazing makeup remover
I have tried this and I must say it has to be my favorite makeup remover. I love how easily it melts your makeup away even if it is waterproof mascara. I love how it takes off everything however I still a cleaner to make my face extra clean. Overall, this is my favorite makeup remover.
Its really great product and if we see the price its better then great. Cleans face and does not make it dry at the same time.from me its highly recommended ✔️✔️✔️
Love it
I tried this product recently and I love it! It completely removed makeup even the waterproof kind! It doesn't strip your face of oils, and your face feels clean afterward. I highly recommend.
This is a great product
It removes the tough mascara which soap does not remove. It also does not burn your eye's skin. Other products did burn me. has a nice smell to it as well. Clean smell. I will recommend this to any one.
Face wash
It is pretty thick Ana irritated my skin a lot so if you have sensitive skin I wouldn’t recommend using it but if you don’t you can most definitely use it .
Leaves skin smooth
I used it both ways it worked well against my waterproof make up even did pretty good with my waterproof mascara it didnt remove completely but it lifted alot more than most who claim to be able to do the job. I liked it left skin smooth smell isnt over powering didnt activate acne or create face to produce more oil
Removed Everything!
This product is great for the end of the day makeup removal. Even tough eye pigments and matte lipstick is no match for this stuff and not to drying which is awesome of a product that removes makeup so we'll! Worth a try if you can't afford other micellar balms or want a dupe.
This product does clean your but its a little hard to clean around the eye since its a lotion
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This is such a great cleanser for sensitive skin. It is gentle but leaves your skin feeling clean
I love Garnier products and I use daily. This face cleaner it have been one of my favorite not only cleans and remove my make up it moisturize my face leaving it soft.
Great for sensitive skin and overall just a really perfect formula. I love this. Not too greasy or drying. Smell is not irritating. Use it daily

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