4.4 5 0 172 172 Intensely nourish in the shower for hair that's up to 10x smoother and stronger.
Garnier Fructis Brazilian Smooth
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This line of haircare is always better than some other pricier ones. It usually does what the product says it will do in only 3-4 times of using it. I definitely will add this to my collection.
I have not tried this one but am an avid user of Garnier Fructis so I will be trying it soon!
never tried this. i would like to try this. will it help dry hair?
I would like to try this product as I shower and wash my hair often after gym and this looks like an easy option.
i have in the past use hair straighteners and I like my hair to be smooth and sleek. This product seems like it would be good for what I want in my hair and for a smooth, sleek look. I like Keratin treatment and this could be something that could work on my hair type.
I have not tried the Garnier Fructis Brazilian Smooth but would like to try a sample.
I absolutely love garnier. They make amazing products. Would love to try this one.
I have some problem with my hair. And I would like to try this product to see its really work. Please send me one. Thanks
I need to try this everyone is talking about it and my hair is super frezzy
I heard about this before I would so love to try it really bad
Consider me for review of this product. I will leave a review and have never tried Fructis before.
I would love to try this product! My hair is thin and fine, really needing some deep therapy!
My wife has used this product and finds the results are great, her hair is shiny and manageable.
Would like to try I have heard good things about Garnier Fructis proudct
Would love to try this new shampoo to smooth out my hair! Garnier has awesome products, love your shine....now give me some shampoo for smooth and strength :)

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