Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Fortifying Conditioner

4.3 5 0 63 63 Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Fortifying Conditioner has been relaunched with a new product name (previously known as Paraben-Free Fortifying Conditioner) and a newly designed 12-fl. oz. pack made of recyclable PET plastic with 50% post-consumer recycled waste, and bearing a Data Matrix code and the TerraCycle logo. This paraben-free product is formulated with Active Fruit Protein, an exclusive combination of citrus protein, vitamins B3 and B6, fruit and plant-derived extracts and strengthening conditioners, for healthier and stronger hair. It is also enriched with glycerin and coconut oil, claimed to provide intense nourishment for strong hair with up to 24 hours of smooth frizz-resistant curls. Gentle for everyday use, this vegan product is free from animal derived ingredients or by-products, is produced in a facility committed to sustainability and a zero-landfill site, which has recovered 95% of its waste in 2015.
Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Fortifying Conditioner


Works wonders!
I used this conditioner for my hair and highly recommend it! It's true to it's name "NOURISH!". It definitely nourished my hair, gave it life and also gave it so much volume! I even got complimented on it by a coworker!
Smells great
Not only does this product smell great but it also makes my hair feel soft and so clean.
Smells good
I got this because it is vegan. It smells good and feels good in my hair. The product feels good too. I would buy this again. It is also reasonably priced.
Beautiful Curls
I love this conditioner. The smell is heaven and my hair is SO soft after using it. I dont feel oily after, just clean. All of the curl nourish work really great, my go to products for hair care.
Not quite there
Really wanted to love this but the product left my hair feeling really corse and greasy. Frizz returned shortly after drying And my curls were weighed down from the oils left on my hair.
Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Fortifying Conditioner
I purchased this product from Walmart after my hairdresser telling me I may have to style my curls in order to reduce the frizz in my hair. I was immediately drawn to this product's smell, and I had used other Garnier products before, so I decided to purchase the product. It does say to use in wet hair, so I did use this product after washing my hair, and I noticed my hair being much smoother and softer. I continued to style my curls and my hair has been much healthier since. I highly recommend this product for curls!
It did well for me
When i got it i honestly didnt have too high of hopes. But once i started using the product i really enjoyed it! It made my curls super soft and bouncy! I would recommend.
Left hair dry
I didn't like that it dries out my hair. It smells great but just isn't moisturizing enough for my curly frizzy had to manage hair.
Wish it worked better on my curls!
For reference, I used the Garnier Nutrisse Curl Nourish Fortifying shampoo, conditioner, and Air Dry Butter Cream together. Also, I'm white, and I have curly, fine hair that was color-treated when I tried these. I was excited to try them, as they are CG-approved and in my budget. However, I didn't love these products. First, they have a weird scent, kind of sweet but sour, like green apple maybe. The conditioner has a good thickness to it and I was able to comb out any tangles in my hair while the conditioner was in. It didn't strip my color, which was peach at the time (reds are notoriously hard to maintain, and pastel reds even moreso). But after using these products, my hair seemed weighed down - flat at the roots, more wavy than curly, with lots of flat pieces, especially at the ends. I will say it left my hair soft, shiny, smooth, not frizzy or crunchy. However, using the system on further wash days just left my hair flatter and flatter. I prefer Garnier's Papaya Hair Treat.
Curl conditioner that works
I love what this did for my curls. It hydrated them and made it easier for my natural curls to come out. It wasn’t as heavy on my scalp as I thought it would be and feels silky to the touch. Would I buy it again? Hell yes!!!! Would I recommend it to a friend? Hell yah!!!
It's okay
There are better products out there. So probably wouldn't purchase this product
Decent Product
I really like the fact that it washes out well and doesnt leave alot of build up in my hair. I wish it defined curls better. For the price point its a decent product.
Coconut heaven!
The smell of this alone is worth buying it again. It did a good job with my daughters curls, but I wouldn’t say it was the best product ever. It is very affordable and the coconut smell is amazing and long lasting. My negative feedback is that it seemed to leave my daughters hair a little more greasy than I would have liked. Her hair is very thick and it was a little hard to rinse out which is probably why it left it a little greasy. The initial look was very pretty and soft, just very quickly to turn greasy feeling. I would probably buy this again if it was on sale just because the smell is amazing.
Helps define curls
This does a great job defining my 2c curls and reducing some of my frizziness. It also smells amazing! I do wish it was a little more hydrating, since I have very dry hair.
Curl Nourishment
I enjoyed the effects of this conditioner on my curls. Gave them a nice natural bounce, kept the frizz to a minimum, and left my hair silky and smooth. Not to mention it smelled amazing.

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