4.2 5 0 21 21 Discover, intense lightening performance for luminous, long lasting blonde and a unique sensorial experience with non-drip velvety texture and delicate floral fragrance.
Garnier Olia Superblond Extreme B++ Super Bleach
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I haven’t tried this product out before and I would love to give a review on and test this
Sure would like to try this . Never heard of flower oil in hair color.
I would love to try this out. I need to try something new. This looks like a neat idea.
I have not tried this yet . It is in my possible to buy list.
Quiero porbla este porducto para recomendar a otra persona
How is this on extremely dry hair? My hair is so dry and some dyes make it feel like sandpaper.
I use blonde hair dye every month and have never heard of this hair dye need to try this
this flower oil sounds good to use for my hair I have not tried this product it would be nice
Is this product worth giving a shot? Any suggestions
I have used Garnier products for many years, mostly hair products. I seldom use any other brand for coloring my hair. I'm certainly not a "hair expert" but experience has shown me that these products are superior to others.
I would really love to try this kind of hair color! I haven't seen it before!
I would like to try this product. I have always been super blond but it's hard to find that perfect color that I want.
I have tried Garnier OLia hair color and its awesome. The color lasts a long time. Now I'd like to try it with the flower oils to see if it would last even longer.
This is something i would really like to try my daughters has had gray hair since she was 10 always having to dye her hair worries me with ammonia this would be a great product
I have not tried but would love to I have heard great things everyone is happy and I have long hair like one review so would be happy not to buy 2 boxes I like how they say keeps hair nice and soft hope to get this try I love it has no ammonia that's a plus

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