4.2 5 0 94 94 Discover, intense lightening performance for luminous, long lasting blonde and a unique sensorial experience with non-drip velvety texture and delicate floral fragrance.
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I would like to try this product I always dye my hair. I havnt tried this product yet. But would love to try it out and give my oppoion
Want to try.i can't get my hair blonde enough. I dye my hair every 3months. So it time again got to hide the gray lol.
would love to try this im a blonde but have alot of gray and looks like this might work
I would really like to try this product and see how it holds up to the swimming pool chemicals and the extreme 100* + heat of a typical Las Vegas summer. I have used other products from this manufacturer and have been happy with the results.
I would like to try this product I always get dyed hair
I bleach my hair and feel the process I go through is damaged my hair I would love to try this to see if it's easier on my hair Thank you.
OMG!! Would so love to use this product!! I bleach my hair routinely every 3-4 months--I have never tried this brand, as every time I am purchasing my hair color--Olia has never had my color--which is this one! I don't know if the retailer I purchase my color at doesn't have it in-stock, or if this is new--But I would love the opportunity to give you a honest true review of your product--from someone who has bleached her hair for many years and has tired several products--I would truly know a great hair color!! Hoping for the opportunity!! Thank you Garnier! B.Levy California
How can I comment on a product I have never tried? I don't know why I even get that option when I click 'I have not tested this' .......
I would love to try Garnier Olia Superblond, I currently use Garnier Hair Color. If I do get the chance I would give a great review and pictures too!
I have not tried the blonde product because I am a brunette however I think this hair color is fabulous but wearer be woren the color does leak when wet!!
I haven't tried this product yet but I'm looking for a good product I can use on my hair that won't freak my hair out.
I dye my hair every 8 weeks. It would be a welcome change to use this if it doesn't strip my hair.
I would love to try this product out to see if I like it. I dye my hair from time to time and would love to see if it's better than my regular products i use. I'd definitely give feedback on this product.
I'm very interested in trying this product. I think it would do wonders on my hair.Thank You for the chance to try if selected.
Sounds like this would be a great product to suit my needs!

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