4.6 5 0 347 347 Like a magnet, micelles capture and lift away dirt, oil, and makeup without harsh rubbing or over-drying.
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I absolutely love this product from Garnier! Since I wear makeup every day, I want to make sure that I am effectively removing all of the makeup and oil buildup on my face, and Garnier's Micellar Foaming Cleanser does a great job of removing those impurities from my face. I also like that this product is intended for those with oily skin because I have extremely oily skin and don't want facial products to make my skin produce even more oil. In the future, I will be purchasing this product again because of my positive experience with it.
I absolutely love this product. I have very sensitive skin and have no problems with this cleanser. It works great!
I think that Garnier did an amazing job with this product. I have very sensitive skin & this product is super gentle. Typically removing eye make up can be a 2 day process, but this cleanser removed it with ease. My face was very soft & smooth feeling without any residue feeling at all! I loved that as soon as I started rubbing it on my face it instantly started to foam.
I got this product from walmart! I love micellar water, so this foaming cleanser was so worth it. Makes skin soft and clean!!
I love this product because it is gentle enough for my sensitive skin. I can't always go and try new products that come out without doing research first. I am glad that this product has come out and is now apart of my daily routine
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I am very new to using this product, but it works pretty well. It works as a great makeup remover.
I’ve been taking the time to rub it onto my face whenever i’m taking my makeup off, and it removes everything! all the dirt, grime, and makeup too! it even removes my eyebrow makeup lol, which is supposed to be water proof!
I like using this cleanser because it takes all my makeup off very well and it smells great!
This product works amazing. Works very fast and very convenient to use. Easy to apply. Plus, very affordable. 🙂🙂
I love this so much. I use this after I use there micellar water makeup remover. It foams up and helps to get off all the excess makeup, off my face. it is a much-needed step in my nightly face wash routine. Recommend this if you have makeup that is hard to get off. I wear a lot of makeup and find this very useful to get the layers off. Very gentle on my skin, which is very sensitive to most face cleaners. This is not drying at all. Did not cause me any irritation. Recommend if you have sensitive skin.
Makes my skin soft and silky I tried it on my face daily and recommended to my daughters
This all in one product by Gariner is amazing! Smells great and is easy to use in the am and pm. It leaves your skin feeling fresh, soft and skin of all imperfections. Also helps with the oils, Top notch!
This product actually feels luxurious on the face and doesn't make your skin feel tight even though it's a bit foamy, and it wasn't greasy either. I didn't need alot, and it was easy to use. No horrible smells and its claims hold true. Good product
I love how this made my face feel. It didn't leave a greasy feeling or residue.

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