4.6 5 0 348 348 Like a magnet, micelles capture and lift away dirt, oil, and makeup without harsh rubbing or over-drying.
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Loved this product, it is a bit different than other miscellar waters because of the foam but I like it. I feel like i can use more out of it
This has made it into my arsenal of Holy Grail products! It's amazing how wonderful this All In One Micellar Foam cleans my face.. My skin feels so fresh&clean and a bonus is that this product isn't one of those 'harsh' cleaners that makes your skin feel stripped.
This stuff is awesome! Garnier just keeps coming out with better products! This cleanse feels wonderful on my skin and removes all traces of dirt, makeup, and impurities while balancing the amount of oil my skin is producing. I highly recommend this product!
Loved! Doesn't leave my face oily or dry after using or break me out, it cleans oil and dirt away. My face feels smooth. Definitely a favorite
I would love to try this product I love to try different products I would really enjoy it I know thank you so much
I'm going to try this product because I need something for my face that control the oily skin
Would love to try this product . Been wanting to get but would like sample to make sure i do not break out
Would love to try this product and share they have a lot of great products I love to test
I love garnier products. I would like to review this
This Looks simply Amazing. No haven't tried in fact didn't know they existed. Would Def love to try.
I have not tried your product yet but would love to try will try it n put an honest review
Quiero probarlo....mi piel es mixta de seca a grasa
Ok. Thanx for clearing that up for me. I was so disappointed with the plain Micellar Water. That product said it removes makeup & didn't, This product here actually sounds better. Thank u. I'll try it & let everyone know my experience.
I would like to try this product since my skin is prone to acne.
This isn't micellar water though it's a foaming cleanser. You use it like a soap with water. Try it with a kojac sponge or sonic cleanser for clean pores and you may have a different experience.

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