Garnier Whole Blends Sulfate Free Remedy Coconut Oil Conditioner for Frizzy Hair

4.8 5 0 150 150 The enriching properties of sustainably sourced Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter expertly blended in powerful, sulfate-free recipes for very frizzy hair. Whole Blends has carefully crafted a potent, yet gentle remedy that smooths & controls frizz. Our regimen for very frizzy hair helps tame frizz and flyaways strand-by-strand, and protects hair against the damaging effects caused by heat and styling. The results: Hair looks healthier, smoother and frizz is tamed. WE COMMIT: Fairly-traded & sustainably sourced Cocoa Seed Butter and Argan Oil. The factory that produces our formula has reduced water consumption per unit by 49% since 2005. The plastic in the bottle, not including the pump, is made of 100% recycled material.
Garnier Whole Blends Sulfate Free Remedy Coconut Oil Conditioner for Frizzy Hair


Love this
I am beyond happy with this product, I use the shampoo and conditioner both and love it. I would be happier with another scent though the normal scents are getting boring. But the results are amazing my hair is normally really frizzy, and damaged from heat but this helped so much! It’s a thick conditioner and made my hair very easy to brush which is saying a lot I have thick long hair and it get knotted all the time really easily and this stuff is incredible
Great frizz protection
I absolutely love Garnier's Whole Blends Sulfate Free Remedy Coconut Oil Conditioner for Frizzy Hair. It leaves your hair feeling very soft, moisturized, & frizz free.
This shampoo and conditioner is excellent for anyone who gets regular hair cuts or trims. I have very curly hair and it moisturizes my hair pretty well. I regularly use a more high end brand because I don't usually get cuts/trims.
no more frizz
There are so many good things about this Whole Blends anti frizz product. It really seems to help tame my frizz. I didn't have this issue when I was younger but now I do and I have tried several products before this one. I use both the shampoo and conditioner and my hair feels amazing. The scent is clean and light and there are no sulfated which I love and they are committed to using recycled material so I feel go about purchacing this product in several ways.
Whole blends by garnier
The formula they use in their products doesn't strip down my color as fast as other brands
No frizzies!
I use ALOT of Garnier products on my hair EVERYDAY! I have never tried this one, but when I did, I loved it. It makes my often crunchy feeling hair soft to the touch and I had no fuzzies! I usually use Garnier's Morrocan oil for this purpose, but now I replaced it with this new serym/oil by Garnier. Ty
This product took the frizz out of my hair and did not weigh it down or make it feel oily. Loved it.
My favorite shampoo and conditioner
I love this shampoo and conditioner set. This was the only product that actually makes my hair less frizzy on a consistent basis. I am just devastated that they discontinued the leave in conditioner product that goes along with the shampoo and conditioner. It also worked wonders. I have tried another shampoos and conditioners but will always come back to this variety of the Whole Blends since it actually does reduce the frizziness.
I LOVE this conditioner, not only dpes a little go a long way it makes my hair feel so smooth and it smells amazing
Conditioner for frizzy hair
This conditioner really helped my hair. It tamed it down and have more definition. The texture is to heavy for hair either. Great smell and value for this conditioner.
I love this brand it works great for sensitive skin and smells good
Love it!
If the smell alone isn't enough for a 5 star review, the way this makes your hair feel will be! Garnier has really stepped it's game up with this line of products, and is way more than I anticipated it would be!
Love Whole Blends from Garnier!
Ever since Garnier launched the Whole Blends line several years ago, I've been a total SUPERFAN of the entire line to be totally honest. But when they began making the shampoo and conditioner products on the whole blends line without sulfates , among other unnatural ingredients...It made sense to me and I was happy about it. While it's pretty difficult for me to single out just one shampoo and conditioner from this line, I'd have to go with this one. I love the addition of coconut oil first and foremost. But I also adore the look of my hair after using this shampoo and conditioner together. My hair looks so incredibly shiny and without any of that crrrazyyy frizziness that I hate with a passion!! I love when a hair product actually does what the bottle claims it will do. Garnier whole blends deliver this with perfection in my opinion with all their products. I am just extra in love with whole blends and this coconut oil shampoo and conditioner.
Smells Great
I am constantly changing up my haircare products because my hair seems to get tired after a while. Garnier Whole Blends Coconut Oil & Coconut Butter Conditioner worked pretty good on my frizzy, wavy hair. The scent is heavenly and it lathers very nicely. This conditioner left my hair very soft and added bounce to my curls. It only temporary helped tame the frizz and my scalp had an oily look to it by the end of the day.
I really like these
I have used the whole line and I love it. It removes tangles. And hydrates my dry hair. And smells really good. I will continue to use it

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