4 5 0 32 32 A delicious granola cereal with the powerful combination of protein and fiber! It’s a perfect blend of wholesome goodness, the taste of maple brown sugar and our delightfully tasty sweetened granola with crunchy pecans. Wake up to delicious!
General Mills™ Fiber One Protein®
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we aree always looking for a good way to add more fiber to our diet espcially i am a diabetic and we just loved this ceral it is very very tasty and it stays cruncy in the milk but it is something i would recommand if you are looking for a healthy ceral
this is a real taste treat. It is powered by pure protein and goodness. a winner
This is a tasty cereal, a nice sweet kick with a crunchy bite and lots of protein to start the morning off right. Something the whole family will enjoy !
Great taste! I love the texture and its nice to get more protein any way you can.
I have tried this product and it is very tasty and I love the crunch.
I like the flavor and texture of this cereal. Nice to find one that is higher in protein.
Its deliciousand it keeps you full for hours. I was surprised that it actually tasted good considering its a fiber cetral.
I have Fiber One Protein every morning. It does not taste like cardboard. It is one of the lowest in carbs cereal.
I tried this and I did not like the taste or the texture. I did use it in cookie dough which wasn't to bad. I won't buy it again.
My family loves to snack, and we all go for cereal when we need a quick bite to hold us over. We love the Fiber One Protein Maple Brown Sugar. I've always loved granola, and this is a nice blend of granola and a puffed wheat. I haven't tried any of the other blends, but I"m looking forward to it.
Great way to watch weight and keep up level of protein
excellent fiber and great taste.I buy this product all of the time.
I personally did not like rhe taste and texture. none of my family member likes either. it is too hard even it is a granola chunk still.... too hard. I will not buy this again.
I bought this for my husband but for some reason he didn't like it. I tried it and thought it tasted great and is very filling. The serving size is one cup but I only need about half that so I save some calories. Also great mixed in with some greek yogurt.
Tastes really good. I buy it for my teenage sons because of the protein and they like it too.

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