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Gerber Graduates Lil' Pastas with Hidden Veggies
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Ok if you’re in a pinch
This is a quick meal if you’re in a rush or need an easy meal, however, I wouldn’t give my daughter this everyday.
Once was enough
I purchased one of these in the hopes of fooling my baby into eating veggies. She wasn't having it. The texture of the pasta coupled with the strange smell and taste of the sauce turned her off immediately. I don't recommend any of the red sauce or stuffed pasta entrees.
perfect for littles
I absolutely love these for my kiddos..this one is jam packed of flavor and my kiddo sure does love it. It has a great favor and takes a short time to heat up. these could even be ate at room temperature.
great product
What a great way to sneak in veggies knowing it's so hard to get them to eat them. Quick and easy to make and such a healthy, great tasting meal
Quick, easy and delicious!
My daughter loved these! They were great for when we were in a hurry or when I didn't have time to cook. My 1 year old loved them and it always seemed to be just the right amount. Plus, they seem to be more healthy than some of the alternative options.
Delicious baby pasta
I love how delicious this pasta is and how it contains veggies. It is a healthy meal choice for my son.
easy way to sneak veggies in
My 18 month old autistic son is sooo picky it is hard to find things he will eat but he scarfs these Gerber Graduates Lil' Pastas Cheese and Spinach Filled Vegetable Ravioli in Three Cheese down no problems. I personally think they smell horrible but he devours them and that is all that counts.
Minion Loves
My nephew doesn't really like these much but my niece loved these when she was a baby and I like how when I hear it up it doesn't smell gross or look like something I wouldn't want to eat it makes me feel better about what I feed them
These are wonderful my 1 and 3 year olds love these in fact I can't get away with giving the 1 year old them without giving the 3 year old some too. Which is great because she doesn't ever seem to want to eat much and these are so much better than some of the other things out there she could be eating in my opinion! I would rate these 10 stars if I could.
My daughter unfortunately did not care too much for these made to serve meals.
Just like with any food, taste us a preference! Both my boys will eat the heck out of these and the Squash ones, and not touch the plain ones. Others have given it a bad review because their kid doesn't like the taste. That's not fair. There is nothing wrong with the quality, packaging, or anything of the nature to rate a bad review. Do I think they stink, yes. The smell lingers on their hands. But they eat them. Its a great first product for learning to use hands or eat with a fork. Great for daycares or preschool meals. And their are hidden vegetables! Can't go wrong there. Just like any food with kids, give it a try. They will either like it or not. It is a great option if they do!
My granddaughter loved these little veggie raviolis! They are easy for her to pick up and feed herself. love that they have veggies! They heat up quickly so when the little one is hungry now, there is no waiting. The pckaging is soooo convenient to just toss in a diaper bag and can be heated just about anywhere. And many delicious flavors to choose from. She loved the meat loaf too!
When my sister had her baby this is want she fead her I had on e it was ok lol
A quick, healthy meal that we can throw in the diaper bag! Never leave the house without at least one of these meals! Our little one loves them... easy to please with Gerber!

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