4.5 5 0 4 4 Gerber Organic Mango Banana Carrot Teethers are gentle teething wafers flavored with real fruits and veggies grown with Clean Field Farming practices, suitable for babies aged from seven months and said to dissolve, grasp and hold easily. The USDA Organic snack is free from artificial flavors, GMO, gluten, artificial colours and sweeteners. The unsalted product retails in a 1.7-oz. cartons with 12 x 0.14-oz individually wrapped packs, each pack containing 2 units.
Gerber Organic Mango Banana Carrot Teethers
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Kinda messy...
I bought these for my son thinking not only would they be healthy, but it would help him cut his teeth. He was drooling for months I don't understand why they call them teethers when they are pretty much just melters. I like the Gerber arrowroot biscuits and Lil biscuits better for teething. I just gave these to him as a snack instead banana mango was actually his favorite we did try strawberry or mixed berry also
Baby Loves Them
These are a great snack to have handy. My baby happily chomps on these and they seem to be particularly pleasing when he is teething. Word of caution- they don't travel well. They always end up crunched so I have to put them in another container.
Yummy and convenient
Love that these are individually packaged for easy grab and go in the diaper bag on car. Don't crumble too much for mess, and the flavor is tasty (baby and mom approved)
Tasty for adults and kids, not just teething
This is so good to munch on. One of the few baby food items I can finish for my little one when she's done eating. My 3.5 year old is past the crackers stage but sometimes will ask for one when he sees his sister eating it.

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