4.9 5 0 605 605 Nourish your little one with whole grain goodness by serving Gerber Graduates Puffs Cereal Snack at snack time.
Gerber puffs strawberry apple
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Combo of my favorite fruits
I live strawberry, I love apples so how could I not enjoy this!
Great for Babies and Pets
Not only do I love this product for myself, but my for pet rats enjoy it. Every flavor that I have ever Botton they love, but the strawberry apple seems to be their favorite. Since there are no genetically modified ingredients, it’s great to give to them for their diet as a treat. I love the way that they melt in my mouth when I eat them, and my rats are just so cute when they chew on them.
Great stuff
My toddler daughter still loves these. She's 4 years old and still asks me to buy thrm every time we're at Walmart. They're an easy snack and arent messy. Although they are a tad sticky.
Go to “nack”
Granddaughter loves these. They fit into her snack cup, and she reaches in to serve herself. I’m not worried about her choking on them, they dissolve quickly for her, still allowing her the chewing experience. Ok to serve waiting on dinner prep. They are healthy and have very few calories.
I love all the products of this company, very effective and reasonable prices. I always wait for new products to buy from them. I love everything new. Each product is better and better.
Baby snacks
I just started giving this to my baby and have done so to my other children. This are the number one go to snacks for babies. I myself also like they the texture and how they easily dissolve. The taste isn’t strong just the right amount of flavor in them.
All my kids love these
These are the best baby snacks for new eaters. I have 4 children and my youngest just turned one. I always keep these on hand because all of my children eat these. Anytime I put some in a bowl for my daughter and my other kids see it, they ask me for a handful. I’ve tried these and they are actually really good so I see why they’re such a big hit in my house. And they dissolve very quick so no worries about your baby choking!
If you haven't tried Puffs, you need to! When my daughter used these, I always kept these on hand. The containers are perfect to go in your purse or diaper bag and are a great snack to keep them occupied. These taste and smell amazing.
Great taste
My grand daughter loves these. They are a great snack for switching over to solids. I even like them.
Love these!
Perfect for transitioning to solids and great first finger food! The flavor is good and they dissolve fast to prevent choking.
Muy rico sabor a mi nieto le súper mega encanto le
Good for kids
I love these puffs. They’re low sugar and calorie snack which can be good for adults as well. Size is perfect for little fingers.
yummy on the go snack
My 2 and 7 year old love these. Great for in the car, this way we don't have to put snacks in baggies. I love that my kids love to eat this. No improvements. Yes I would recommend to others.
My baby loves these puffs AND they are nutritious.
So good
My little one not only love the taste of these but I do too lol. They are yummy and very good for the little ones

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