4.8 5 0 581 581 Nourish your little one with whole grain goodness by serving Gerber Graduates Puffs Cereal Snack at snack time.
Gerber puffs strawberry apple
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My baby loves these puffs AND they are nutritious.
So good
My little one not only love the taste of these but I do too lol. They are yummy and very good for the little ones
Baby food
I love these baby foods. These are very great for when baby start to teeth because they begin to get fussy and all. My niece had always ate these as a baby and loved these so much . These are very affordable.
My nephew loves them and I will have to admit I tried a few also and they are yummy!
Very good...even for an adult.
I’m not going to lie this kid snack tastes really good that I’ve eaten an entire container by myself. I found them in the pantry, opened them up and before I knew it they were all gone. They tasted to me like a semi-stale, lightly tasting strawberry apple flavored Cheerio. Sometime after discovering these I found myself buying other flavors, and same thing happened....I ate the whole container alone.
Babies love these!
Aside from the really peculiar smell of these, I love these and my kids ate them every chance they could. They dissolve fast so there's no choking hazard and they are great for helping with hand to mouth dexterity.
Syrian Hamsters go nuts for Gerber Puffs
Little known fact. Syrian Hamsters go absolutely nuts for Gerber Puffs. The strawberry smell is quite authentic & they stay fresh & crunchy in the plastic container. My lil girl managed to fit 22 of these in her cheeks. Good thing they are very affordable.
So Good for Mom To!
I love these puffs not only are they a good for toddler easy snack I love them to! A variety of fruit and vegtable flavors at a reasonable cost with an easy to store and carry package. For sure one of my favorite Gerber brand snacks.
Big kids love them too!
So these were one of the few things I would give my babies without having to worry they might get choked. They dissolve really fast. But they must be delicious because now that they are big kids...aka...teenagers, they still love them! Lol.
perfect on the go!
my 10 month old loves these.i pack them up to take in thecar or to the park perfect for learning how to use his fingers to pick up food.
My son love this! Nice easy snack for my son, he love these! They taste pretty good. Good price and a good amount for the money.
I remember getting these things a few yrs ago and my son enjoyed them around 2015. I also enjoyed them. Banana were our fav but these were good too. I definitely highly recommend. They melt in your mouth so no worries on choking.
Convenient and tasty snack
I have personally tasted these dissolving puffs and they’re not only delicious but the container serves a double purpose as a rattle.
A convenient snack.
These are perfect to throw in your bag, on the go. Keep them in the car. Anywhere really. It's perfect that they dissolve.
Babies love em
My niece loves these! I have never seen a child get so excited once these come out. I have personally tried them. I was pleased with how quickly they melt in the mouth. Adds some peace of mind knowing the choking risk is far less than some other comparable snacks. To me, they taste bland but to a baby, they love em!

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