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Was too watery for me. I like a medium roast was too flat
Just ok
This was a little watered down tasting. Don’t think I would buy it again, but if you like coffee like that this is for you.
I was a little skeptical about buying this because although i love Gevalia coffee i havent had the best luck finding a good mocha latte... I have to say it was delish! And i will purchase again
Great treat
The mocha latte has become part of my pantry. Love the taste and so wonderful to have after dinner. Good chocolate taste. This is a keeper. Saves trips to the coffee shop
Mocha Latte
Super easy to make and use. You just put the powder packet in your cup and let the Keurig do the rest. Tastes great and a cheap alternative that you can make right at home. You don’t have the super coffee taste either.
Better than anything my kureg has EVER brewed!
Honestly, in all the years I've enjoyed all different types of coffees, cappuccinos, frappes, etc. I never thought I'd find that less is more, and keeping it simple would actually be key to perfecting a coffee derived beverage! But I'm absolutely in love with the creamy coffee taste I've found in this cup of pure pleasure!
Gevalia Mocha latte is really good and it wakes you up
Great flavor
I love gevalia coffee. It is the only brand I buy because it is always so fresh and you can always count on the flavor being amazing. This product has a rich mocha flavor that just makes you melt. I highly reccomend it
Savory, Delicious, Chocolate
The 2-step Mocha Latte by Gevalia is delicious. You empty the powder packet into your cup, then you put the K-cup in your coffee machine. You brew it right into the cup with the powder. This makes for a very delicious drink. It tastes like Mocha Latte and you don't need to add anything else to it. There is enough creamer and sugar to make the cup perfect the first time.
Perfect cup every time
I was a bit skeptical on this as most lattes or coffees leave a nasty residue, but I was pleasantly surprised at not only the flavor (with or without the froth pack, better with) but the lack of residue. Cost was great as well!
Different yet Simple
I actually enjoyed this Mocha Latte My guilty pleasure is fancy coffee shop drinks but it's not really cost efficient and sometimes I just don't feel like leaving the house which makes this a perfect solution. It was very easy to make being a k cup yet it made me feel like I was at the coffee shop!
I think it was really good and wish they had more like it.
Love that it has the froth packets. You literally dont need any extra sugar or creamer with this. The flavor is absolutely top notch. Could drink this everyday. Like having a barista in your kitchen
I absolutely love this latte coffee! The mocha froth packets make it taste sooo good! I have been drinking it for 2 years now. You can easily find it at walmart for a decent price. Im someone who likes my coffee sweet with like 10 sugars in it, and this doesnt even require any sugar for me because it is already perfectly sweet. If you like mocha you will love this, give it a try. Whats the worst that could happen?
Great Treat At Home!
I really have enjoyed these Gevalia K-Cup creations! They are soooo yummy! I actually ended up taking them all to work so I had something to look forward to each morning! It's also saved me money from stopping at a coffee shop every day. I will say that I don't use the whole packet on each cup. I split it in half or it's too much sugar, and this is coming from someone who LOVES sugar! I also still add some flavored liquid creamer, but if you're in a pinch and only have the K-cup and a packet, it's at least better than just black coffee, which I just can't do. Do watch the calories and sugar content on these though. It can really add up.

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