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I will being by saying I consider myself a coffee connoisseur. I LOVE good quality, full-bodied blends. I have tried this product and love it. The flavor is really smooth and the mocha is a pleasant hint of chocolate. The technique that Gevalia has managed to capture to make the "foam" works very well for the "convenience" product that this is. I definitely recommend Gevalia quite often, as it is one of my favorite brands. It is a sweet beverage, but I suppose that is what most people are looking for in this type of item. I prefer a more of understated sweetness, but this is not unbearable. It stays true to the "easy" Keurig style to make a more "involved" coffe drink, so anyone looking for that convenience will love it.
The mocha latte flavor is not my favorite by any means. I definitely prefer the caramel macchiato flavor over all the other options.
Love this!!! A wonderful, sweet indulgence - so easy to have the "mocha" flavor without having to go out to a cafe'. I suggest using a small whisk if you have it to "whip" the latte.
not my favorite coffee like most cafe style instant type coffees the powder was strange tasting
This was okay not the best coffee i have ever tried!
Great flavor, I was not expecting these to taste as good as they did!
Not a huge fan of these. It tasted more like hot chocolate that you get in the pouches you add to water than coffee. I would not buy again.
I tried this product and was so happy with the taste I quit stopping at Starbucks and I'm saving a lot of money not spending over $4.00 perday for latte. Delicious product. For you Starbbucks addicts, try this one, you'll love it and you will save money too.
This stuff is freakin delicious. What the heck why is it so expensive? NO WAY NOT BUYING THAT AGAIN I THINK I'LL BE BROKE
I received a free sample of this in the mail from Gevalia, and I have to say it is coffee shop quality! It was delicious. I only with I could have it more often on my diet. It's really easy to make, and the froth is a nice touch.
I tried this through a sample first and loved it. Purchased it in the store, was a little pricey..
Super delicious. I love the creamy flavor of it. Easy to make and tastes just like you get Latte from Starbucks.
I tried a trial size of this and I would love to buy it in the store! They are pretty expensive though.
I love this product, the flavor is awesome, their cappuccino flavor is great too. Just make sure to stir it well.
I love this mocha latte coffee. One for my favorites, taste great!!!

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