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This stuff is freakin delicious. What the heck why is it so expensive? NO WAY NOT BUYING THAT AGAIN I THINK I'LL BE BROKE
I received a free sample of this in the mail from Gevalia, and I have to say it is coffee shop quality! It was delicious. I only with I could have it more often on my diet. It's really easy to make, and the froth is a nice touch.
I tried this through a sample first and loved it. Purchased it in the store, was a little pricey..
Super delicious. I love the creamy flavor of it. Easy to make and tastes just like you get Latte from Starbucks.
I tried a trial size of this and I would love to buy it in the store! They are pretty expensive though.
I love this product, the flavor is awesome, their cappuccino flavor is great too. Just make sure to stir it well.
I love this mocha latte coffee. One for my favorites, taste great!!!
Really nice and rich Mocha Latte. This product is really delicious and is ideal for the winter.
Tried and was not a big fan of this. I love coffee, but this did not make me fall in love with coffee more. I will still stick to the coffee I love already.
I love this stuff, its to die for! The make other flavors as well, but this one is my favorite.
This Gevalia coffee is super delicious only I need have care for the sugar and calories!!
Personally, I'm not a coffee drinker, but my husband really enjoys this line of Gevalia k-cups.
I received a free sample of this and it was awesome!! I love the creamy flavor of it.
I thought it would have a stronger chocolate flavor but it did not, overall it's not a bad choice.
This is really delicious. It taste like real milk has been added like you would buy at a coffee house. I buy it all the time. Especially in the winter months.

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