Ghirardelli S'more 4 Mug Gift Set

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Ghirardelli S'more 4 Mug Gift Set


Perfect for a night in camp
The mugs are made out of metal. So they make good mugs to take camping. They have a cute design. The chocolate, Graham crackers, and marshmallows made excellent s'mores! Very tasty. The hot chocolate was rich and creamy. I loved it!
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Perfect snack!!
I love this set. It has everything you need for a hot cup of hot chocolate that tastes absolutely amazing. The chocolate is rich and creamy and the cups are the perfect size. It is great for a cozy night near the fireplace!!
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Richest smore I've ever had. And I say that in the best way. I love it. Will definitely try again soon. Family had nothing but positive things to say.
Very beautiful present and very delicious. Perfect for gifting
Best camping gift set for easter
I bought this s'more set for my husband's birthday when we went camping on easter weekend. Best treat ever and we got to share with him. The mugs is sooo useful when camping (which we do allot) and the crackers with s'mores were fresh. Cause for some quality fun times with family. did I mention very affordable.
S'more perfect gift
I found these last holiday season. I got one for our house and then gifted several to other family members. This was a huge hit. The mugs are a good quality with a cute design. The Ghirardelli chocolate is perfect the Cocoa is a fabulous taste.
Having fun
I got this a few years ago for christmas. I’m in need of another set. I have lost all but one of the mugs. I highly recommend these muges and the products it’s self.
Great Gift
My sister loves all things deer. Her entire house is woodland themed. This was one of her favorite gifts. The mugs were a hit. She let the kids make s'mores and they said they felt like they were extra special cause the chocolate was expensive. LOL it was great.
For me the brand is one of my top two chocolate brands and this little set of hot cocoa was amazing! I love it. Mugs are cute too which is always a plus! I recommend this to everyone a great gift give or get!
Love it the all in one christmas gift and its chocolate because it got chocolate the convenience all in one yes I would but more
Gift giving
Ghirardelli S'more 4 Mug Gift Set is perfect for the s'mores lover in your life. It comes with everything you need to make s'mores minus the campfire, but if you have a fireplace that is good as well. The hot chocolate that it comes with is rich and creamy. You can use the marshmallows for the hot chocolate or for the s'mores or both, that is all up to you. It comes with four cups that makes it better because now it is like a party you can share and create memories together drinking your s'mores hot chocolate. I got this for my son as he absolutely loves anything that is s'mores and he fully enjoyed it. It makes for great gift giving ideas for that s'mores lover in your life. You can also get this for yourself and sit with the kiddos and watch football or hockey together.
I want s'more!
The set is really a nice set for it's price. It comes with some really nice mugs and the marshmallows in this kit were really great! I'm picky about things but this whole set was overall great.
The product itself is nice. The metal cups are pretty cool. However, I wasn't able to make s'mores because the crackers were broken and the chocolate was melted. I still gave it 4 stars because the product would have been awesome if we got to enjoy it the way it was meant to. I would have given 5 stars had it not been mishandled during shipping.
Cute Set
The mugs were cute and reminded me of the ones my grandma had for camping. The hot choclate was delicious. I really liked the choclate, graham crackers, marshmallows together. They were delicious. This would make a cute Christmas present for your neighbors or your family. I really liked it. Thank you for the free sample.
S’mores in a cup
I love anything Ghirardelli makes their chocolate is amazing

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