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Gillette Venus Platinum Extra Smooth Metal Handle Women's Razor
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Scary good!
This razor has so many blades that at first I was scared to use it. I usually cut my legs up if I use more than two blades and this has five. I was happy with it. No nicks or cuts. The shape of the handle makes it easy to hold onto and easy to control. I love it!
there are better
I used it only once because I cut myself many times ... and I leave a lot of irritation, I don't know if it was the rake or just my delicate skin ... now I am using Bic soleil, I have not cut myself for all the protection you have, I have not suffered from irritation and the truth is that I love
best razor ever
I love my razor I have. it makes my legs so smooth. i love the price of the razors. never buying them throw away razors again.
Clean shave!
This must be my favorite razor. I am really picky- my skin is sensitive and there is nothing worse than missing areas around the knees and ankles. The Venus razor has 5 blades and it gives me a clean shave without having to repeatedly go over the same areas for a smooth finish. And it doesn’t leave my skin feeling itchy and dry- no bumps either. The handle is perfectly shaped for easy handling. Overall, love the results!
I LIKE IT A LOT, IT's soft on the skin and it lasts a lot.
I made the mistake of leaving Venus. Now I'm never going!
I went to different brands for a bit and forgot how good Venus is! I was getting a lot of in-grown hairs, but when I went back to Venus, all my issues went away! I will be staying with Venus from now on! I learned my lesson!
Really good rAzor can use even a few times. Is easy on sensitive skin
Smooth Shave
The Gillette Venus Platinum razor is my favorite razor to use. It has two blades and it gives me a smooth close shave. The handle is smooth which makes it easier to grip. One of the things I love about this razor is, after my shave my legs feel so soft and smooth without any razor burn. I would recommend this razor.
Smooth legs
You will not be disappointed with this razor. Offers a close cut with no nicks or razor burn if used with a good cream. Has 5 blades. The handle feels good in the hand. I do like the simple color too.
Great Product
I love shaving with the Gillette Venus Razor. Gives a close shave with no nicks or cuts. Does not irritate skin.
Como lo dice su nombre te sientes como una Diosa con una sola afeita lista y lo mas importante es que no irrita la piel
Better control
I loved shaving with the Gillette Venus Platinum Extra Smooth Metal Handle Women's Razor. I felt I had a more solid control, and a closer shave then using a plastic handle.
Best razor
This handle is so nice, it's weighted so it feels nice in my hand. Love how smooth of a shave I get with this. Probably my new favorite razor. Was using disposables.
Buenísima se la recomiendo a todos. Me encantaaaaaaa
Venus Razor with Metal Handle
I love Venus razors and this Gillette Venus Platinum Extra Smooth Metal Handle Women's Razor is no different. I honestly don't see any difference between the old handles or plastic ones and this metal one.... I guess it's up to you and what your preference is!

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