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Gillette Venus Platinum Extra Smooth Metal Handle Women's Razor
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Smooth and silky
I've tried about every razor out there. This is a keeper. It's long lasting. Keeps you smooth and the built in strip keeps you moisturized during the shave!
Nice smooth shave without razor bumps! The moisturizing strip leaves your skin silky smooth also! Love these!
New favorite
I typically buy mens razors. Because I feel they get a closer smoother shave. But this one is wonderful for a womans razor! No pulling or scratchy feeling. Just smmoth and very close shave! I.would recommend!
My fave
I always buy gillette razors. They always make my skin feel soft after every use.
Legs feel soft and smooth
This product is great at removing the hair on my legs and underarms without leaving my skin dry. My legs have never felt softer and smoother.
La mejor.
Te rasura muy bien, cuidando a la vez de tu piel. En mi caso, tengo la piel muy sensible, y muchos métodos de depilación me irritan la piel. Desde que descubrí la venus, no la cambio por nada. Muy contenta.
Good quality
Gillette provides great quality. This razor is durable, gives close shave and protects from cuts. It’s design is modern, the handle is comfortable due to the cushion.
Rasuradora Gillette
Excelente producto, no maltrata la piel, cómodo para usar. Sus 5 navajas hacen de esta rasuradora una única.
Gillette Venus Platinum Extra Smooth Metal Handle Women's Razor. This razor is awesome. It has 5 blades and the grip is wonderful
Extra smooth
This razor has 5 blades which i like. At first it may seem scary to use but I dont get razor burns like I have from other razors. I also love the grip they use so its super nice to hold. The razor makes my skin nice and smooth too which is a plus. One swipe and its done, super easy!
Clean and smooth
I thought this was a great product especially for traveling but also use at home. I got a nice clean and smooth shave with not a lot of effort and no nicks or cats. I would definitely recommend this to anyone
Good women’s razor
This is a really good women’s razor which works well. I do not get any razor burn with this product and it does not irritate. It’s really removes hair quite easily. I would definitely recommend this razor to others because it works well and is of high quality.
Scary good!
This razor has so many blades that at first I was scared to use it. I usually cut my legs up if I use more than two blades and this has five. I was happy with it. No nicks or cuts. The shape of the handle makes it easy to hold onto and easy to control. I love it!
there are better
I used it only once because I cut myself many times ... and I leave a lot of irritation, I don't know if it was the rake or just my delicate skin ... now I am using Bic soleil, I have not cut myself for all the protection you have, I have not suffered from irritation and the truth is that I love
best razor ever
I love my razor I have. it makes my legs so smooth. i love the price of the razors. never buying them throw away razors again.

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