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Gillette® Venus® snap with Embrace™
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Great when traveling
I absolutely LOVE this product. Its great when traveling whether on vacation or just on the go for your everyday need. Its very compact to fit in your purse and just very convenient.
Smoothest shave ever! I don’t get any nicks and with one swipe hair is gone, no need to re shave! Also this is the perfect size for traveling. I will buy only these razors from now on!
it works
I bought this razor for a few week vacation to California. It is most certainly not my everyday razor, but it did what it was supposed to do and it did it better than i thought it would. I would buy refill heads to use this on vacation again.
too cute
I reallg like the idea of this product, I'm not much of a fan of this brand but this razor did it's job and it's a cute little size perfect to fit really anywhere and to use in a jam. wish other companies would make these! especially a mens razor
Love it!
I have been using venus since I was 14. got the pink razor as a teen, then switched to extra smooth blue and green and I recently switched to the Venus Platinum and then bought this little one for travel. it works for traveling or if you just want something more compact to hold while shaving. the handle is perfect and it had a great grip for handling. this is a great brand and products
I`ve been using it for about 6-7 month and I love this product. Easy to use, sharp but do not cut the skin, feels smooth. Very comfortable for trips.
I love the product would love to try this if it possible can one be sent out to me
Best razors you can buy they offer a close and comfortable shave everytime
These are great little razors that fit right in your purse.Plus they are a great shave
This razor is cute and easily portable, but I wasn't impressed with the actual razor portion of it - my store brand disposable razors stay sharper longer than this blade did. If I were to use this as my regular razor, it would cost so much to constantly replace the blades! It's a good idea, and it's super convenient for travel, especially with the little carrying case, but I was very disappointed with the quality and sharpness of the blades.
I loved it, so small but mighty, great to travel with!
I love this product. I have not tried a Venus product that I didn't like. This one gives a nice close shave and leaves the skins nice and silky.
The Venus Razor is a close shave and leaves your legs feeling silky soft.
it doesnt even feel like your shaving,, afterwards my legs are incredibly smooth and silky, I would suggest anyone who shaves their legs to definately give this product a try
This product is okay I like the shorter handle on it but the blades I am not crazy about, I use this but I prefer the Schick Intuition much better I wish that had a shorter handle like it used to.

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