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Gillette® Venus® snap with Embrace™
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the venus is the only razor i can use. I never have a nick or anythings from these razors. I would recommend this product.
I have tried other Venus razors but not this one. Would love to try it out especially since its Venus
I love all the Venus Razors because the blades last forever; even though i have not tried this one, i would love to find it because i know it won't let me down.
i really would love to try this,this might actually be a real winner for all women and youg women
I would love to try this sinc e im currrently using the venus razor n like it i would need something like this to try for when i travel or to carry around with me
This is so stinking cute!! I love the Venus line of razors and this is the perfect size for traveling or at home for those hard to reach places also!! Way to Go Venus....
am searching for a new razor would love to test this produt
Want to try this. Would love to give you my opion on what I thik of it.
cute cute cute. i am a loyal brand follower of venus and I need to buy this the next tiime I go to the supermarket
Sounds like a great product. I love Venus and would love to try this
I would love to try this. I love Venus products and love to try new things they have to offer.
I love Gillette products and would love to try this. I have never had any problems with any of these products. Nice one
Ive always been a fan of the gillette razor products this would be no different I would love to test this Gillette razor to go
I would love to try this little razor! It's perfect for taking on trips!
i would love to try since i have never tried this product before it looks like a great product and i need something when i miss spot when I'm on the go this i perfect

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