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Gillette Venus Swirl™
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Leaves you smooth
I bought the Venus Swirl a few months ago and I absolutely love it as I feel it swirls/glides so easily against my legs and makes shaving so much easier and quicker. I would recommend this to friends and family.
Baby Smooth Legs!
Venus is the best razor that I have used! It gives me the closest shave leaving me with skin as soft as a baby's bottom
The best razor to date
I hate shaving because of all the nicks and cuts. I've tried so many expensive razors. This one wins hands down. A clean shave that goes so quick.
My favorite razor
I've been using Venus razors for many years. This latest one is awesome. I'm glad to see Gillette keeps upping their game..... Just wish the prices were more affordable. I usually stock up for the year around the spring sales & around Xmas when the prices are better.
This is a good razor
I like the quality of the Gillette brand, though, it is pricey. The price is the one thing that I would change. I like the 5 blade capacity of the razor and the nice shave that it provides.
Smoke and mirrors
This product is nothing but a name brand and eye catching colors and designs. Job well done advertisers! Other than that, this product will only last MAYBE one or two shaves, after that you'll need to buy the $15 refills. Good luck!
Smooth shave less nicks
I love this razor. It gives you such a close shave with little to no irritation even when used daily. Its great for getting those hard to reach places such as behind your knees. Its kind of tricky to get your more intimate areas because the blade is so bulky but it does glide across your contours nicely.
Easy shaving
Loved this so much. It makes shaving a lot easier and you are Able to move the razor around
Smooth finsh
Easy grip smooth finish good product will definitely be using from now on
Gillette Venus Swirl
This has to be one of my favorite disposable razors ever. The pivot makes all the difference in the world. I will be buying this one again.
Gillette Venus is my favorite.
I'm a huge fan and loyal Gillette Venus razor user. I love Gillette Venus Swirl with the flex ball and it's made shaving around my knees and other tricky spots a lot easier.
I tried this razor when they have the big packages at Sam's Club. They work pretty good. They get the job done.
The only razor i use. Very smooth skin afterwards. tried the different ones. got hooked on this one.
Best razor!!Leaves your skin ultra smooth after shaving.
It's an awesome razor love how it leaves my legs smooth!

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