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Easy and quick to use, leaves skin feeling smooth. I would recommend the Venus swirl any time!
Love the Swirl from Venus. It is easier to get to all the hard to reach places without being cut. It makes my skin feel very soft.
Love Venus razors. I highly recommend this. They are my favorite
I love this razors my legs are smooth and nick free
This is a wonderful shaver for those hard to reach places because it moves to caress your skin it's wonderful!!!!
these were great one of the best womens razors ive used
Adjusts to skin with no nicks. So easy to use. My favorite razor!
Venus Swirl is my favorite razor. It's faster to use and I'm not worried about nicking my knees. My legs are so smooth afterwards. I won't use any razor but Gillette.
This Venus Swirl Razor, was very gentle to my underarms and legs. It got in the hard to reach areas with ease. I would definetely recommend this razor.
It works great and you can use it quickly without worrying about getting cuts on legs and underarms.
I love all of the Venus products, but this one with the roller ball is excellent. It works well around knees and ankles. Way to go Venus each product keeps getting better!!
Love this razor. The best shave ever. Will buy again
I tried this it is one of the best razors I have ever tried. I love it. Easy to use. Pretty. Works the best. Buy one , you will not regret it.
I love this product. Shaves really well and had less cuts than usual. Love the color and design as well.
Loved it! smooth and has an easy grip. After trying a sample I received in the mail, I purchased one on my next shopping trip.

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