4.6 5 0 95 95 Dual Defense trash bag delivers 2 layer double bag protection. 30 gallons, 25 count.
Glad Dual Defense Drawstring Large Trash Bags
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Glad Dual Defense Drawstring Large Trash Bags work great
Glad Dual Defense Trash Bags
#Glad #DualDefense, These bags smell so good, I have the #Febreeze scent. My garbage does not stink or leak. Makes me happy that I'm not constantly changing it and my apartment is hot and its still OK.
Hands down the best
These bags are great, they hold up just fine for my garbage. I love how you can stuff then and it will not rip the bag. They are durable, affordable, and don't stink up the house as bad as the rest I have tried.
Changed material
I used to swear by these bags when they first came out, never had to worry about a bag tearing. Even with the bag weighted down never had a problem. I am not in the habit of overloading my trash bags since I have to haul my trash off to the dumb, but here over the past year they have changed the bags and they are much cheaper and a thinner material to where items can cut and tear the bags.
Amazing trash bags
I love these trash bags they fit my trashcan with out falling down and they dont rip easy at all I can stretch them for that last mins added trash that goes out last minute. Even got family members who buy them now .
Only trash bags I'll buy
These are the best smelling & most durable trash bags hands down.
Glad Dual Defense Drawstring Large Trash Bags
Nice 30 gallon size, but rather disappointed in the strength of the product. I was expecting a much better product from Glad. Good for lighter trash, leaves and such, but not for the big stuff.
Not worth the price
This bag is not worth the price, they tore when trash was inserted inside the bag, but I did like the drawstring tie they were strong and the bag was just too thin, I do like Glad's other products
A bit disappointed in the strength of the bag
I honestly was not impressed with this product at all... it was not any stronger, for that matter as strong as their regular garbage bags. If it is advertised as stronger than a current product, that is what it should be...I feel like that the advertisement is very misleading
Holds alot
I have used these bags alot for cleaning up around the property. They hold alot of weight in them. Alot better than many other brands which are paper thin and barely hold up after being filled halfway.
strong bags
these bags can hold up to twice its normal weight without ripping they fit around your trash
These are very strong and durable, drawstring is convenient, what else do we need in trash bags? Good quality brand-name product - if that's what you need, go for it!
Worth every penny
I was in the grocery store when i decided to go out of my comfort zone and try new trash bags. I'm usually loyal to one brand i am comfortable with. I am so glad i made the decision to pick these up! They are way more durable than the other brand. They seem to expand when you take them out of the trash can which makes for easier tying. They trap in smell to me and hold up against sharp objects and large objects as well. I will be buying them again!
These are great to use. It helps with the odor, & the bag may seem thin compared to comparable bags from different brands, but it is very strong & durable! I am impressed!
Dual Defense trash bags delivers 2 layer double bag protection.You get 25 count each holding 30 gallons. Keeps those nasty odors in.

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