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gain garbage hooray!
best garbage bags i ever use they are very hard and sturdy and they are very dependable and they last me longer than any other brand of garbage bag,
Love These!!
I love Glad Tall Kitchen Bags with the Febreeze. Fragance is not overpowering; just right for the kitchen refuse and the "webbing" is a clever idea which helps make the bag much sturdier.
Strong and odor control in one, perfect combination!
I love these bags! Not only are they steep enough to limit the amount of bags I need to use for my trash, they are strong enough for when I'm too lazy to take the trash out and shove just one more thing in them. They help control odor so my pantry (where I keep my trash can) never smells like stinky garbage. Taking the trash out is a breeze with the handles that pull through to tie and toss. I recommend to anyone!
Best, most durable trash bags I've used. Love the smell of gain so that's an added bonus.
I like these trash bags because they're "tough, durable, and has a long lasting scent."
Need more scents but great addition to garbage bags
I love this product not only have I tried it but I have made it our choice brand when shopping. When we open the garbage to throw something out; you don't get a smell that is nasty. We now get to experience a nice smell. There is nothing worse than opening the garbage to throw something away in the morning and your first smell is nauseating. Now when I open or walk by the garbage which happens to be under the sink there is no awful smell. The strength and flexibility of the kitchen garbage bags are just as good as before producing the febreeze smell which is now a pleasant odor. I like the gain and the fresh clean smelling ones the best. The freshness smell also lasts for more than five days sometimes our garbage bag last a week and we still have a pleasant smell coming from the garbage area which does sound strange. Just one complaint we need more smells but don't go overboard.
Trash bags
Need to develop some different scents besides flowers.
these bags are fantastic
I am in love with these bags, they smell so great even after putting very unpleasant smelling things into them, for instance this bag kept the sweet scent even though it was filled with soiled baby diapers. I am truly amazed.
me agrada bastante y son resistentes me gusta este olor. las tengo y me facina como huele mi gabinete.
Smells so good!
Glad is my forever go to trash bag, The smell in the scented bag is amazing! No more stinky trash!
Worth every scent!
I hate trash. I am sure everyone does but that smell is awful and tends to take over the whole kitchen at times. This is such an easy and simple solution that is genius at the same time. The scent bags seriously makes a difference on the smelly trash problem. Worth buying for sure!
Love this item!
I love how resistant and strong these trash bags are. The smell is an added bonus as it does mask nasty food odors.
Strong & Fresh Sent
I'll never buy another brand . These beat all I've tried & I stick with them . The sent stays fresh and mask any garbage smell & I've yet to have one rip.
Must Have
My favorite trash bags! Thank goodness for the fresh scent and odor blocker, it really helps mask some of the bad smells that can come from the trash. These bags do not tear or rip easily, hold up well even when I am throwing away boxes with sharp edges. These bags fit the majority of kitchen trash cans, well mine, my Mother's, and MotherNLaw's, I know we all three reach for this same kitchen trash bag!
Great product and smell
Smell is awesome! Garage never smelled so unnoticeable.

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