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Love these bags, the fragrance is great when you put in a new bag-Initially the fragrance works at masking minor odors, but definitely doesn’t make your garbage smell fresh and clean after a few days of organic material spoil!
I love the glad trash bags for their durability and the smell of gain help to keep oders from smelling up my kitchen!
I must say anything that has the scent of Gain is something i must have and will buy. The gain scent masks the odor of the garbage.
I love these bags, The scent is a big plus for me. It's fresh and not overbearing. I think they are great to store clothes and blankets for the winter. Keeps things smelling fresh.
I only will buy glad trash bags! I love the scent of them so you never have to smell the nasty odor of your trash. If you are a little rough with them though they will rip semi easily.
I have tried glads kitchen bags and love them! They are great when you have stinky food that needs to go but your not totally ready to throw out the trash. A family member uses them she has two toddlers. I when to visit one day and she had two full bags of trash in the corner of her kitchen. I didn't know she had them there until I threw something in the trash. These bags are awsome!
These bags smell amazing and they really help keep the odor of garbage at bay. I'll gladly take the smell of Gain over the alternative.
love these. always use them in my house they smell great also
I love these garbage bags! They are sturdy and smell wonderful!
I have tried this and it keeps the bad smell away I highly recommend it
Glad with gain scent trash bags is a must!! Eliminates odors, strong durability to outlast that dreadful walk to the outside can without ripping the bag, and this bag is a worry no more stinky trash stress reliever because these bad boys work!! Love glad brand for multiple items!!
I love these garbage bags! They have a pleasant smell, they are super strong and easy to close with the drawstring handles! They are tough enough to where they don't break!
Absolutely love these trash bags. The only kind I use!
These are my favorite for my kitchen. The scent is lovely and really helps cover up the smell of the trash.
I love these trash bags. The order blockers really works and gives your thrash can a nice fresh smell.

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