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Glad®  Tall Kitchen Bags
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I love these garbage bags! They are sturdy and smell wonderful!
I have tried this and it keeps the bad smell away I highly recommend it
Glad with gain scent trash bags is a must!! Eliminates odors, strong durability to outlast that dreadful walk to the outside can without ripping the bag, and this bag is a worry no more stinky trash stress reliever because these bad boys work!! Love glad brand for multiple items!!
I love these garbage bags! They have a pleasant smell, they are super strong and easy to close with the drawstring handles! They are tough enough to where they don't break!
Absolutely love these trash bags. The only kind I use!
These are my favorite for my kitchen. The scent is lovely and really helps cover up the smell of the trash.
I love these trash bags. The order blockers really works and gives your thrash can a nice fresh smell.
I love the smell of these trashbags. Which is an odd thing to say....
Love these trash bags and the extra scent is great at keeping stinky garbage odor at bay.
I actually use these alot because of the way they smell, Its so nice to know that my trash can isn't a issue because of odors . The fact that they are from Glad is a plus also cause you know that you are getting the protection you need and the strength that you want
My wife loves the smell and I love how durable the bag is
The smell is amazing! I use the lavender one and have been only buying the Glad kitchen bags since they came out with it!
They are great and the smell cuts the smell of the garbage way down.
I really like how these trash bags stretch out just where you need it, and also like how fresh they smell! I live in a really OLD house without a/c but a window unit, and after I've been gone all day at work or where ever, I will usually come home to smelling the stinking trash! YUK! But while using these bags, it greatly reduces the trash odor I usually smell! I buy these in bulk at my local BJ's wholesale club! I love them! They can be a bit thin and tear at the top when pulling them closed when really full though but still.. :)
I love the smell of these garbage bags. The keep the trash smelling fresh all the way to the dumpster.

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