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Glad®  Tall Kitchen Bags
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I love these garbage bags. They are strong and pull string is an added bonus. The smell a great especially when trying to mask smells.
I really like these! the smell is wonderful! And they are good, strong bags. Sometimes I switch up the scent, but I always go back to this one. They make my small kitchen smell good, so I don't even have to use oils or sprays.
These are good, strong bags and they smell great too!
I purchased a 150 count box of these "guaranteed strong" bags from a wholesale store a couple of months ago. Since then I have had 80% of the bags rip apart and need to be double or triple bagged. I use these in my kitchen garbage can which is rather small it fits underneath my sink. The daily refuse consists of little more than wrappers, items that cannot be recycled and occasional food waste that cannot be processed by my garbage disposal. I am shocked that I am having this issue and am hoping that it is just a batch defect of some sort because I have had good luck with Glad products in the past 25 or so years of use.
I hate when my garbage stink! Not anymore! Thanks to Glad febreze freshness Bags the stink is gone! Garbage smell like spring meadows!
I love glade trash bags. They are strong and never rip apart. The scents are amazing!
I love my Glad trash bags the gain traps the stinky smells
Awesome! Let me tell you guys!!I am bad about stuffing trashbags. This bag withstood me, and my kids. Now, that's telling you something. Did I mention they smell good!?!?
GLAD trash bags are my favorite trash bags to use in my kitchen. Plus the Gain scent smells like Heaven. Love em.
I love glad trash bags , they are amazing smell wonderful and come in a variety of scents
My go trash bags. The box has a nice appearance. They are simple to open , and the bags easily come out with one. They have a lovely fragrance that lasts and keeps the odors away. Fits the trash can. Not easily tearable! These are always in my kitchen.
Glad makes the best trash bags. I've tried saving money, and buying cheaper bags, and that was a mistake!
I have a confession. Sometimes, I take out the trash just to get a new Glad Gain Scented Trash Bag and fill the kitchen with the fresh smell. Honestly, I love these bags. Since changing to this brand I have not had a trash smell in my kitchen one single time. I can't recommend these enough. You won't be sorry.
The only garbage bags that keep the funk out!!!!! Thank you gain
These Glad® Tall Kitchen Bags are great at masking odors. With changing dirty diapers daily, needless to say, it tends to get stinky in my home. These trash bags help with odor control.

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