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Nice scent but
I enjoyed the apple fragrance with cinnamon overtones, however; although I kept the wick trimmed as advised I found the candle still burned unevenly and burned out sooner than expected. Would be perfect perhaps on a candle heating plate that heats from the bottom of candle and doesnt use wick.
Using Glade apple cinnamon scented candles in your home gives you warm and fuzzy content feeling. I know its fall when I buy these. I like the glade plugins best but these are great for bathrooms. I recommend it !!!!!
Very nice scent, left my house smelling very good and the smell was not really overpowering. It was perfect. It stayed burning a decent amount of time and the price is very affordable. Willbbuy again.
Smells great!
Glade Apple Cinnamon Scented Candle's smell so amazing! It leaves a warm and cozy feeling in your home. The scent lingers for quite some time after putting the flame out also. It doesn't burn too fast either so it isn't like you are wasting your money and burning through the candle quicker than you want. I have also tried other scents they offer as well and they seem to work just as good as the Apple Cinnamon. I definitely recommend trying Glade Apple Cinnamon Scented Candle. It will leave your area smelling amazing!!!
Great smell
Using Glade apple cinnamon scented candles in your home gives you warm and fuzzy content feeling. I know its fall when I buy these. I like the glade plugins best but these are great for bathrooms.
This candle smells so good. Its great for fall and makes my home feel so inviting.
Scented Candle
I love the glade product family and apples are on of my favorite, this i only gave an 4 star, because I did not think the apple smell was real enough! I will how ever keep buying, because I love candles!
Long burning
I would give this a 6 out of a 10 on a level of strong scent and it burns for 4 hours . It definitely makes your home smell like FALL TIME..and will make your hubby THINK you have been baking him an apple pie all day..lol he can dream I guess...😉
Room filler
Glade did a great job with this scent. I like how the smell fills the room as it burns. It leaves a nice pleasant Apple Cinnamon scent through the room. It isn't over powering or faint. It has just the right amount of apple to cinnamon ratio. It is nice as a fall scent when you want to sit back and relax.
Needs improvements
Although I keep buying these candles because they are so convenient, I am not 100% happy with he burn quality, and scent. The candle seems to burn straight down the middle, and the scent is more bathroom scent then kitchen because it doesn't smell like a real apple.
Glade Apple Cinnamon Scented Candle
Glade I thought did really well delivering a nice spicy scent that reminded me of Fall and apple cinnamon. I like how the scent of the candle filled not only the room I was burning it in, but also adjacent rooms giving the entire room a comforting scent that reminded me of Fall season baking and spending time with family.
Amazing smell
This whole line of candles smells amazing. I always buy them because they burn down pretty fast and I have to replace them often. It’s worth it though for the delicious smells they provide. This smells reminds me of thanksgiving!
Best in its catagory
Best candle and sent you will smell. Very strong sent but nothing to strong. Just right.
Glade candle review
I love the cinnamon apple candles. I love how they fill the entire house and not just small portions and they smell amazing.
Cozy Fall Scent
Bought the Glade Apple Cinnamon a week ago. Amazing fall scent and didn’t burn too fast. I will be buying more in the future!

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