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Glade Apple Cinnamon Scented Candle
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The scent of fall in a candle
This is my new favorite fall candle. The candle lights up very quickly and lasts for hours. It's the perfect scent without being overpowering and the whole family loves it. Highly Recommend!
Fills the house with amazing apple scent!!
I love these glade candles so much. A couple of these candles will fill up the entire house. The scent is so amazing, I can't get enough of it! The Apple scent is truly my favorite. They last a good amount of time as well and aren't a ton of money either. I highly recommend!!
Smells Good Enough To Eat
OMG this smells SOOOOOOO good. It reminds of of my applesauce or apple cinnamon cookies. The smell is just the perfect strength and it lasts many hours. I liked the fact the wick didn't disappear into the wax after being lit a few times. Glad to see the expansion of scents in Glade candles without the expansion of price.
I love the scent
I love this particular scent of Glade candles. Especially in late fall and winter.
Has yet to let me down
I LOVE Glade candles. They smell up your whole house within minutes, honest fact. Every single scent too. No one is better than the other. They all do their job 110% as stated. My ONLY complaint is I wish they lasted longer. There are rarely any sales on them and the coupons are quite pathetic for them. So you really have to extreme coupon to get these at a good price for the rate at which they burn out. I mean they last close to the hours stated but after it's gone, you realize it really went by fast. Unless you light it like an hour a day then you'll enjoy it for a week. If you're like me, two days haha.
A must buy
I purchase Glade candles regularly at the dollar store. Whenever I’m out I’ll pick one or two up. They don’t burn too quick which is always a plus & it has a wonderful smell which no matter what scent you buy they all do. Highly recommend this scent & or this brand.
Cinnamon Lovers Must Have
I love everything Glade and anything cinnamon! Because glade they always make the best smelling stuff!!
Rico aroma.
Me gusto mucho el aroma, pero no dura mucho, glade tiene muy buenos productos pero el aroma no perdura, pero me gusta comprarlos.
Smells Great!
The Glade Candles in general have a nice, strong fragrance that really fills a room. This Apple Cinnamon scent is great. Makes me think of fall, and of course Thanksgiving and Christmas. Very comforting.
I love the scent of apples & glade has the best products & scents and this would be my favorite one!
wao este para mi es uno de los mejore olores un poco fuerte para algunas personas se siente dede q abres la puerta.
Nice scent but
I enjoyed the apple fragrance with cinnamon overtones, however; although I kept the wick trimmed as advised I found the candle still burned unevenly and burned out sooner than expected. Would be perfect perhaps on a candle heating plate that heats from the bottom of candle and doesnt use wick.
Using Glade apple cinnamon scented candles in your home gives you warm and fuzzy content feeling. I know its fall when I buy these. I like the glade plugins best but these are great for bathrooms. I recommend it !!!!!
Very nice scent, left my house smelling very good and the smell was not really overpowering. It was perfect. It stayed burning a decent amount of time and the price is very affordable. Willbbuy again.
Smells great!
Glade Apple Cinnamon Scented Candle's smell so amazing! It leaves a warm and cozy feeling in your home. The scent lingers for quite some time after putting the flame out also. It doesn't burn too fast either so it isn't like you are wasting your money and burning through the candle quicker than you want. I have also tried other scents they offer as well and they seem to work just as good as the Apple Cinnamon. I definitely recommend trying Glade Apple Cinnamon Scented Candle. It will leave your area smelling amazing!!!

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