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Glade candle airfreshner is good smelling apple cinnamon it smell up your whole smell so good I love the sweet smell cinnamon apples hope get sample in mail try out very soon
I love this Glade candle! The scent fills an entire room! The candle burns evenly and lasts awhile!
Glade candles smell so good. The entire room will smell like whatever scent u get! That's really good for a candle. Good job Glade! #SampleLover
Very pleasant sent reminds of the Holidays. Burns clean.
I love the smell of Apple Cinnamon candle it make my whole house smel so good.
Un olor delicioso y duradero me encanta su aroma es unico para cualquier lugar de casa
Love the smell of the glad Apple Cinnamon Scented Candle it's got to be one of my favorites
I love Glade candles! This one is one of my favorites! It's not to over whelming like some.
the glade apple cinamon made my house smell like bakes apple pie love my scented candels
GLADE APPLE CINNAMON SCENTED CANDLE is the perfect scent during the holidays in my kitchen
This candle smells wonderful and burns for a long time! I would recommend this scented candle to everyone!
The smell of this is so strong!!! works great when you are trying to cover some unwanted smells. Buy it, smells amazing!
I generally like the Glade series candles and I do like the smell of these (up close), but unfortunately this particular scent is not very strong and really does not waft further than a few feet.
Saya suka tahu barang yang dikirim pasti menjadi barang yang dicoba oleh merek terpercaya. Pantas untuk di coba
I really like this candle just wish it had a bit more of a cinnamon smell to it. To me it seems more like an apple candle not an apple cinnamon but it's still a really nice long lasting and fragrant candle. Glade candles are typically pretty good quality products.

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