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GLADE APPLE CINNAMON SCENTED CANDLE is the perfect scent during the holidays in my kitchen
This candle smells wonderful and burns for a long time! I would recommend this scented candle to everyone!
I generally like the Glade series candles and I do like the smell of these (up close), but unfortunately this particular scent is not very strong and really does not waft further than a few feet.
Saya suka tahu barang yang dikirim pasti menjadi barang yang dicoba oleh merek terpercaya. Pantas untuk di coba
I really like this candle just wish it had a bit more of a cinnamon smell to it. To me it seems more like an apple candle not an apple cinnamon but it's still a really nice long lasting and fragrant candle. Glade candles are typically pretty good quality products.
Glade is a great maker for candles , with different pleasant scents.. the apple cinnamon is just another favorite
This candle smells GREAT! This is my go to for fall candle. It gets me in the holiday mood Everytime. Great candle, I do wish that it had longer burn time though.
I love Glad products. I always keep these on hand. Smells really great. Love the apple cinnamon one of my favorites.
Glade,i love it all things Glade.this candle is a must have in your house.youll really the long lasting scent
While I am a bath and body works candle fan, I often buy these because of the better price. They are long lasting and smell great. I only wish there were more smells to choose from .
Glade Apple Cinnamon scented candle is great to light on chilly winter nights. It smells like you have an apple crisp baking in the oven and makes your home feel warm and inviting!
Glade candles are the best and the scent is long lasting around the house.
It has pleasant apple cider smell. Seems be lasting for quite a while after being lit.
Someone gave me one of these and it smelled so good I burn it every day
We love Glade scents to warm and comfort our home. Any time of year, we use Glade scented products. Our favorite for the holidays is Apple Cinnamon.

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