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Glade Carpet & Room Refresher
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My new smell
I love this. It makes my home smell really good. The smell last awhile too. I love the way it is easily y to vacuum up too. I use this in my car, my camper, my home. It's a10 in my book.
Freshens my house while I vacuum!
I always keep some Glade carpet refresher sprinkle stuff in my home as my go-to product for my daily vacuuming routine. It adds a nice fresh scent that freshens up my home while I'm vacuuming. It gives my home that just vacuumed look while adding that clean, refreshed smell to t too.
One of my favorite
I don’t have much carpet in my house but what I do have I use theirs on it. Smells amazing for several days. I also use this in my cats litter box to keep it always smelling fresh and clean. Works very well.
Glad Room Fresh and Clean
I have bought this exact Room Freshing stuff plenty of times for my home.. It's really easy to vacume up and Smells fresh and clean when ur all done.
Goes on easy vacuums nicely. Leaves room smelling fresh.
Carpet freshener
Smells great. I have two dogs, after awhile the carpet begins to absorb their smell. This product is well worth the money.
This is a great product
I bought this carpet powder refresher at my local dollar store & I really enjoyed it. It took care of all the odors that were coming from our carpet. I purchased this in the linen scent & Hawaiian tropical scent before. The only thing is the linen scent is way too strong way stronger than the Hawaiian tropical scent so strong that it sometimes gives me a headache for a day or two after using but it will definitely take care of any odors.
Clean house
Easy to use vaccum up makes carpet smell like new elimates ordors leaving carpets clean and fresh strong breeze smell so guests can smell from the front door and works instantly.
Love to use this every so often on our carpets. Easy to use and leaves the house smelling fresh!
Makes carpet smell great
I always have to sprinkle these great smelling powders on my carpet before I vacuum. They leave the room smelling fresh and clean!
Perfect for Giving Your Carpet a Pleasant Scent!
I needed to clean a carpet in one of my rooms at home and this seemed like the best option out of all the choices. There was also a particular and cumbersome scent coming from the carpet that I could not get rid of in the room. I decided to go with Glade Carpet Refresher and I am glad I bought this item. Not only does it have a beautiful aroma but this will for sure get rid of any bad smells coming from the carpet.
very wondeful!
i absolutely thouroughly enjoyed this product!!! id give this a 8 out of 10 stars becuase it does keep area rugs smelling great i donthave much carpet anymore but when i did it always smelled so great! id buy again and again!!!
Love the smell
I love this product from glade. I always try to keep our area rugs smelling clean and this doea the trick. I sometimes even just pour some in our trash can to make them smell nice.
Hides the smell of my dogs!
I have 3 dogs and often worry that my guests may smell them. With Glade Carpet fresh I no longer worry that they are smelling my dogs. Glade Carpet fresh leaves my home smelling fresh and clean!
when using this product it works very well also leaving an amazing smell in your home.

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