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love it
i love how well this works. of course there is many different fragrances that you could choose from. always leaves the house smelling good for a good amount of time. easy to use and comes up easy as well.
Carpet cleaner
Glades powder carpet cleaner is okay compared to others I've tried, however with pets I don't like to leave it on the floor very long. The scent doesn't last long. Not sure if leaving it longer would make the scent last longer. Not worth risking my animals health to find out.
Grade Clean Linen is the best!
I have used the Glade Clean Linen when I lived in apartments (current apartment has hardwood floors, shucks) and loved the scent and it made coming into my place more welcoming. Highly recommend!
Freshness last for days
I love theses carpet fresheners!! They have many different smells, all of them smell amazing, the quantity is great for the quality, and the smell last for days!!!
great stuff
I love this product. it has a great scent and it lasts a looong time.
Love the smell
Glade carpet freshener has been a staple in my cleaning supplies for years. I love how it makes the room smell as if the windows are open and you can smell the scent of the flowers outside. So fresh smelling!
Smells great but doesn’t last very long and leaves a residue
Carpet freshener
One of the best scents and at a reasonable price. Leaves the room smelling great for hours after use. Doesn't take much to freshen an entire room. I recommend this product to all
I have used Glade on my carpet and it leaves a good smell.
Refreshing scent
This glade carpet scent product leaves a very light refreshing scent, but the scent doesn't stay very long. But at least it isn't overwhelming. I like it well enough.
Glade is for my carpets!
I have been using Glade on my Carpets for years now , I have always loved the whole room smell,different variety of scents & pricing of this product!!! Gives me a sense of joy when I'm done using it every time!!
Must buy!
I buy this regularly & it works wonders. It doesn’t leave hard white marks on the carpets which a few I’ve purchased has done so. Leaves my carpets smelling so good no matter what scent you buy. Most definitely recommend!
Really Works!
This carpet cleaner works so well for my home. It freshens up my carpeting and removes any other odor from it, leaving my home smelling great. I use it at least once a day. The scent is not super strong and lasts. They have a variety of scents available.
I tried this product and loved the smell. Made the whole room smell fresh, but clogged my sweeper.
Great Carpet Freshener!!
I recently tried this product and i really like how it freshens my new carpeting in my home. It helped get rid of the new carpet smell and my place smells so much better. I also like the great variety of different scents to choose from. :)

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