Gluten Free Cafe All Purpose Baking Mix

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Gluten Free Cafe All Purpose Baking Mix


I love this product because I can have gluten free pancakes whenever I want. Think of it like bisquick but gluten free. Works really well in recipes as well. If you have celiac or a sensitivity to gluten then this is a god send!
Being Gluten Free myself Im always looking for new GF products to try out Would love to try this
Gluten Free due to Lupus. Have not yet tried this, finding that not all GF flours are created equal. Excited to try.
I have family members who have diagnosed with a gluten intolerance and I would love to try something like this. I love to bake and have tried baking with coconut flour but I am not a huge fan of it. I would love to try something new to bake with for my family members.
being new to a required gluten free diet....this is something I would try.
Love Gluten free, but finding them way to over priced. budget has not let me buy all gluten free yet. But would love to try.
Its nice to have a option for gluten free cooking and baking.
i probably wouldn't try this only because my family have no problems with gluten products
I love trying new things...this sounds interesting and I would give it a try even though no one in the household requires gluten free products.
would like to give this a try. Have not bake with gluten free products
I do not need to eat gluten products but since I won some a year ago, I purchase them because I like them. Will look for this one too.
I would love to try this!
I am not big on gluten free and would probably not purchase this
I've recently been diagnosed with gluten allergies. Being a baker, this is something I would really love to try!
Gluten Free, yea...these tpe of roductst are so welcome by so many..

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