5 5 0 4 4 GoFit’s fully adjustable cable GoRope is a high-performance speed rope, built to handle the intense demands of High Intensity Training. It features precision, smooth-action ball bearings and ergonomic handgrips.
Go Rope – Speed Jump Rope
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No se de que se trate pero si me lo mandan vere para que es porque se mira interesante
Go Rope Speed Jump Rope
In this day of isolation, quarantine and social distancing because of the corona virus I wanted something that would keep me in shape as I now spend way more time at home and all the gyms are closes and these jump ropes does the trick for they help to build or keep you endurance and keeps your strength up and the grips are sweat proof
Too much fun!
We were able to try this. I want one for my Grand Babies, We all loved trying it! It is sturdy, It is just the right weight and appears very durable. Yes you can turn it faster. Fun to workout with
Great product
Use 4 days a week for 10 minutes as warmup to my martial arts training. Smooth spin and, unlike most plastic ropes, the cable keeps its shape making jumping rope less frustrating. Unlike the other ropes, the handles are comfortable and sized well; not to mention at more than 1/2 the price. Draw back is that the length is set and thus you must order the size that fits you. I am comfortable with this one.
I have not tried this type of jump rope but finally, a jump rope that looks good and I am sure that it handles better than some of the original ones. The handles alone look really steady and I know I would enjoy jumping with this rope. I just rope for my cardiovascular healthy.
I would love to try this jump rope with what is going on in the world with covid-19 this could help with mixing up my workout routine..
Love to try this new jump rope! I hope send me samples . Thank you in advance
I live absolutely everything I have read about this jump rope so far,and would love to try it out to see how it works,before purchasing more in store.
super easy to loose weight and for home exercise. must try

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