Goodnites® Absorbent Inserts

4.3 5 0 553 553 Our most discreet nighttime protection, Goodnites® Absorbent Inserts offer reliable protection for boys with the right amount of absorbency for moderate nighttime bedwetting. One size fits most.
Goodnites® Absorbent Inserts


Good night stay dry
Love the fact that it's very discreet! And their readily available
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Good & effective sample quality
This is a good product that I never would have tried if it weren't for sample. Now, we have these in our home for nights our child is extra tired and we feel child may benefit from wearing one.
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Better than I expected
I feel my child liked these. They kept everything dry and there were no leaks.
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Good dependable leak guards
They are good its something I would buy I just hope the leak protection gets better
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Extra Absorbency
Im done i Really Need these Goodnite Absorbent Inserts
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Good nights absorbent liners
The Goodnights absorbent inserts overall are a great option for your child especially if they want to be very discreet about it. The offer decent protection but tend to somewhat leak around the front of leg areas.
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Didn't serve its purpose for us!
I didn't like these, everyone has their own opinion about things but I didn't like these at all didn't serve a purpose!
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It was like my son was wearing a diaper but 10 times bigger than a normal diaper
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No leaks
They worked great and lasted thru the night with no leaks
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This product is not a keeper
It isn't a product that we would buy. The uncomfortable design made my child wake up through the night and that is when he kept it on which he usually did not do.
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Slight faul
I think they probably work great, as do other products I've purchased that are Good nights but the design is a no go for my kiddos.
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A great product
I think it's a great product just needs a lil bit more work and it will be a hit.
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Sleepover peace of mind
Goodnight Avsorbents have helped alot for my son when he goes to friends house. The only thing I would like to see is them come uo with different sizes. Not all kids are the same sizes and for smaller children you can tell they have something there.
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Goodnites absorbents
There very good to keep kids dry at night when sleeping.
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Here for
Ug be good for just saying Ug good Iim very generous but you're gonna be
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