Goodnites® Absorbent Inserts

4.4 5 0 24 24 Goodnites Absorbent Inserts are made to fit discreetly in boys' regular underwear. Designed with the right amount of absorbency for moderate nighttime bed wetting, these protective liners allow your child to feel confident wearing his own underwear to sleep.
Goodnites® Absorbent Inserts


Thank you!
This is a product that has put my little guy and myself at ease! He gets easily embarrassed because he still has accidents, however now that he uses the goodnites absorbent inserts it's so much more comfortable for him because when he wakes up his other siblings cant tell that he had an accident. He woke up in the morning and he was able to go right in the bathroom and change out of it. It goes right in his underwear and when I asked if it was uncomfortable he said "no its comfy" !! So thank you! No big mess to clean and no more embarrassing moments for my little guy!! We will definitely be buying these in the future!!
These inserts were more than i expected to work. They absorbed so much I was totally shocked.
Made perfect for boys
This is an effective, good quality product.It works.Absorbant,with a durable adhesive so it stays in place,& can be worn with any kind of underwear.
Finnaly a dry bed after using Goodnites for my son who has bed wetting problems. I liked that the product kept him comfortable through the night. Great product
Fit my son comfortably, he didn't complain about itching or moving. I didn't have to wake up in the middle of the night to change any of his bedding or give him a shower. Definitely recommend this to anyone who has a little boy!
Finally one that doesn't leak, fits perfect, and my child don't mind wearing them. Before I would hand to get up in the middle of the night change everything give my child a bath. And this time I didn't Jane anyone crying on the side of my bed because they wet the bed and what they were wearing leaked. Thank you for a full night's sleep.
Stayig dry
This product works great. It keeps him dry at night. It easy to hid when friends are over and no one but knows when he has an accident

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