göt2b Be Twisted Curl Reviver Cream

4.7 5 0 123 123 Add definition and hydration to waves and curls with this lightweight cream that won’t weigh your spirals down.
göt2b Be Twisted Curl Reviver Cream


It was great, not sticky or funky. Worked great for my pixie hairstyle. My hair was curly and cute.
I have a whole of hair that is umrulin. I were my hair very big and curly. The bigger the better. I put this iny hair and it held up all day! Love it
Healthy Curls
I really like that this göt2b Be Twisted Curl Reviver Cream works great to give you nice curls that are more defined but also look more naturally health. I like that it is light and not greasy.
awesome product
As someone with really curly hair , this is a godsend. It keeps the curls in check without the stiffness .
I absolutely love this product!! My hair stayed curly all day long and I didn’t have to add more to my hair throughout the day! I don’t think any improvements need to be added to this product!!
Excellent hair gel
This whole hair care line is AMAZING!!! I have tried this particular hair product and it has helped keep my hair in the style I would like for longer than any other product of the same kind.
Last all day
I have been using this brand for years and have never thought about using another product, my hair stays in tact all day long
I recommend this 100%
This product is a real game changer! I used it and it kept my hair curly all day.
Happy hair
I have to say this smells amazing and does a good job, I did have to try it a couple different times to actually like it. It’s a little to thick/creamy for my hair so I just tried a smaller amount and it didn’t feel feels like it weighed my hair down
This product is really good ! It leaves my hair curly all day
Ok for curls
While the brand is very well known, I’m always a little leery with new curl products. As someone with 3b curls, I don’t always follow the “curly girl method”, so I’m always looking for new and better products. This got the job done, which is ok. I wouldn’t buy it again, but in all honesty, I didn’t hate it. My curls were revived and I didn’t see much frizzing (much). I’d say give it a whirl. You may like it.
göt2b Be Twisted Curl Reviver Cream
The göt2b Be Twisted Curl Reviver Cream worked as I expected,GREAT!!! This is my very favorite hair care brand. It left my curls defined,smells great and I didnt have to worry about my curls going frizzy halfway thru the day. I would definately buy this product again.
Good stuff
Leave my hair so curly just love it just love it just love it
Great Hair product.
I love this product it helps keeping your hair in curly all day woth no frizz. I would recommend it if you curly hair.
Curly girl
Used this in my daughter and my hair while on vacation and we wanted to wear our hair curly. It kept it frizz free and piece which was great!!!

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