4.3 5 0 5 5 frizz-taming hair spray
göt2b® guardian angel
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Holds good
Held my hair in place pretty good during hot weather. Not a bad smell either
Not bad product
I Mean this product really isn't That bad I personally just do not like hair sprays
Best hairspray
I absolutely love this. I was use it on my hair, as well as my sons hair. There is a fine line between a nice hold and the dreaded hard crunchy hair though. As long as I hold the can far enough away and do not apply too much, it's perfect everytime.
My favorite hairspray of all time. It holds my curls very well and is long lasting. It 100% met my expectations, except the smell is a bit odd in my opinion. The product itself is great, and I love the studio size since it is a great value. I will continue buying this for years.
I use the got 2b products. I look forward to trying this soon!!

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