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Green Giant®  Just for One® Macaroni & Cheese with Broccoli
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It's very tasty but it just wasn't enough for me. I ended up adding something else to the meal. So I would prefer buying the bigger package and using what I need and saving the rest for another time.
Same as the family one just smaller. Fresh taste and love the idea you can steam it. Great to take to work for lunch.
This is REALLY good...much better-tasting than I expect boxed macaroni and cheese to be. However, when it says "For One," it means "For One." I made the mistake of fixing mine in the presence of a teen and a toddler, so I didn't get very much. I was bummed about that,because it WAS pretty pricy, for one serving.
I haven't tried, but this is a good combination of all the products I like. I know this is good.
i would deffinely love to try this prouduct, please send to my address thanks.
I have not tried this product but think this would be a great lunch to eat at work. I would love to try this product.
Omg my two favorite things together! I would love to try this. :-)
This looks as it would be great for a quick meal,would like to try
this would be perfect for lunch for just me , I would look forward to trying these when I find them.
O.M.G. My grand daughter would love this and soooooo would I. I want to try this!!!
never try this and would like to as my days are very busy and if i xcan have fast easy meals and good that be great
This looks good I would love to try this product out before I buy it please
Green Giant....you have finally made my #1 comfort food....if flavor is spot on...then we will be friends for life!
I would love to try this product my husband will not eat vegetables so this would be a great way to get mine.
OOH. this sounds good. Please send me a sample. Green Giant has very good food.

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