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Green Giant®  Just for One® Macaroni & Cheese with Broccoli
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I would love to try this product my husband will not eat vegetables so this would be a great way to get mine.
OOH. this sounds good. Please send me a sample. Green Giant has very good food.
This looks realy good love broccoli and cheese can't wait to try this one with the macaroni
This is great for my husband. I'm always looking for a quick side at dinner time for him. Definitely buying this
Looks awesome love broccoli and cheese can't wait to try these i know they will be awesome and kid's will like them.
I haven't seen these before. Look good! I really like the boxed microwavable packages of broccoli and cheese, but I usually share it with someone, so this would be great for just me to eat for lunch or dinner.
I have not tried this , but looking for it to try
Sounds yummy - and for one! Would love to try this! Quick lunch.
Love this ... Tried it one night while i was coming home from work late and did not feel like doing alot of cooking so i stopped by the store. Ran in and came out with this took home and popped in microwave and it was good
This sounds really delicious and would like to try it. Love the ease of use and love the Green Giant brand of foods
I would love to try this! Love Green Giant products and this would be perfect for me! I cook for two, I love all veggies but he doesnt, this could be an easy solution with no wasted leftovers :)
what a great idea for lunchsounds great!
Anything from green giant should be tasty but for one person is perfect for a quick veggie with dinner I would love to try this!
This sounds like a real handy product to have in the pantry. Love that it has mac and cheese and veggies in one. Sounds great for adults but also for picky young kids.
what a terrific idea- perfect for a single person also, love the combo of mac and cheese with broccoli

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