Green Giant Veggie Spirals

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Green Giant Veggie Spirals


Great time saver!
I am a fan of the sweet potato spirals! This saves a lot of time instead of having to use a spiralizer to do the job.
Zuch. spirals
As a person who likes bland foods, I really enjoyed the zuch spirals. Since you are boiling it, there was just a mild flavor and I found this mildness to be much taster than fresh sliced or spiraled zuch which can give a bit of a kick at times
Easy way to add healthy choices to your dishes
I really love the choices of flavors, Zucchini, Squash, Sweet Potato. Great alternative to Pasta's, and it sneaks veggies into each bite. I made a light sauce and just microwaved the veggies for a quick meal. I made the Zucchini spirals with soy based tofu and found it was really easy to make a healthy meal fast.
Great noodle replacement
I had weight loss surgery and had to cut out noodles and rice. These have been the best replacement I have found. I love how quick & easy they are to make and the flavor is great. My favorite is the butternut squash and the zucchini is great also. I eat them at least a couple days a week. Sometimes more. I can’t get enough. I actually like them a lot more then noodles. I highly recommend you try these.
My family's favorite is the zucchini spirals, which I make in a pesto sauce with cheese. I made a wonderful cream of carrot soup with the carrot spirals that even my kids ate! These are such a time saver and the uses are endless. Great product.
I tried these when we went on a diet, they were easy and convenient but wasnt that good. The spirals were real fine and were sort of clumped together. They sre easy when your in a hurry. I would suggest making them fresh if you have a spiraling tool.
Healthy Option for Spaghetti
We bought this during our dieting days. It taste okay. I added some broccoli and it was good to go. You have to be gentle when cooking. It is very soft compared to regular spaghetti. I tried the Zucchini flavor.
Green Giant
Green Giant Veggie Spirals. Super easy and very good tasting
Ever since these came out we have been die hards fans. These are super convenient just always gotta use 2 packages for a meal. We like to mix between the different veggies to add more as well.
Green Giant Veggie Spirals
I tried the Zucchini Spirals for a substitute in a pasta style dish. I love the idea for convenience reasons. However, after it cooked there was not enough in the bag to feed very many people. It was really watery so it made using it in a casserole impossible.
Pretty Good
I've tried this product a few times and the only complaint I really have is that sometimes it's hard to cook the water off and well as keep the noodles in solid pieces. I wish they were a little bit more reasonably priced, as I would be more likely to buy these products more often. Unfortunately I only do so now when I have a coupon.
Quick and easy
These are a super quick and easy way to add vegetables to any meal when you want to make sure you're giving your family enough of their daily veggies. My favorite is the broccoli!
Healthy Pasta Substitute
My husband and I try to stay as low carb as possible as he is diabetic. The zucchini spirals are a perfect substitute for pasta. We’ve had them with Alfredo sauce, marinara sauce and also used them as a base for stir fry. They are always in my freezer!!
perfect for a no-frills meal
It lasts longer than buying fresh veggie spirals. It's easy to pop in the microwave and make a quick, healthy meal. It can get a little soggy, so I put it in a pan to make it less soggy.
Zucchini Spirals
Although tasty, I feel like I didn't get enough for the amount I paid for. Additionally, I found it somewhat watery when I poured it on my plate. I haven't bought again since.

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