Green Giant Veggie Spirals

4.7 5 0 181 181 100% Vegetables with no sauce or seasoning.
Green Giant Veggie Spirals


Not bad
I made this with a creamy tomato basil sauce with chicken. I would not eat it on its own but it was delicious with the sauce and chicken. I would definitely make it again.
Love The Lower Salt
I buy these often. My favorite is the butternut squash and the zucchini. Green Giant has a lower salt content than the other brands so these are my go to. So quick and easy to prepare.
Great taste
Love the convenience of this product but it can be alittle pricey for the amount
A little soggy
These are okay but because its been frozen it gets a little mushy when cooked.
Great healthy dinner option
These are a great healthy dinner addition. I love making them and adding to pasta sauce for spaghetti or lasagna!
Zoodles are great with spaghetti sauce
I used these instead of noodles when I was doing low carb foods. It was actually really good. I would give five stars but there were two negatives with this product. First of all, the serving size is a little small. If I’m going to serve my family of three I would need three bags of zoodles. The other thing is that there is a lot of water left in the bag so I had to figure out a way to dry it out before serving it. I ended up dumping the bag into a colander to get rid of all the water. But overall, the convenience for me is worth it because I am not a fan of putzy work in the kitchen and probably will not be spiraling my own zoodles. So if you’re like me, these are worth it!
Veggie Spirals
What a fun way to add veggies to your meal and to get kids to eat their veggies then to make it in fun spirals. The ideas of what you can do with it is limitless. We added the zucchini in with a tomato meat sauce and the pasta and so it all just blended in together and topped it with Parmesan cheese.
Green Giant Veggie Spirals
Green Giant Veggie are really good and taste great
Veggies: yum
Have tried the carrot and zucchini spirals. I love to stir fry vegetables and I add more seasoning to taste. Better than eating carbs and delicious. So much you can do with these vegetables.
My kids love these veggie spirals
I love these sweet potato spirals. My kids absolutely loved the way they looked and tasted. I usually have to fight with them to eat their veggies but because these are thin and fun, I was able to make a fun dinner with these by lightly frying them and putting them over their chicken. They ate them so fast and I didn't have enough Because they kept wanting more and More. They were delicious. Now, my kids want them with every meal. So happy they love them.
Great time saver!
I am a fan of the sweet potato spirals! This saves a lot of time instead of having to use a spiralizer to do the job.
Zuch. spirals
As a person who likes bland foods, I really enjoyed the zuch spirals. Since you are boiling it, there was just a mild flavor and I found this mildness to be much taster than fresh sliced or spiraled zuch which can give a bit of a kick at times
Easy way to add healthy choices to your dishes
I really love the choices of flavors, Zucchini, Squash, Sweet Potato. Great alternative to Pasta's, and it sneaks veggies into each bite. I made a light sauce and just microwaved the veggies for a quick meal. I made the Zucchini spirals with soy based tofu and found it was really easy to make a healthy meal fast.
Great noodle replacement
I had weight loss surgery and had to cut out noodles and rice. These have been the best replacement I have found. I love how quick & easy they are to make and the flavor is great. My favorite is the butternut squash and the zucchini is great also. I eat them at least a couple days a week. Sometimes more. I can’t get enough. I actually like them a lot more then noodles. I highly recommend you try these.
My family's favorite is the zucchini spirals, which I make in a pesto sauce with cheese. I made a wonderful cream of carrot soup with the carrot spirals that even my kids ate! These are such a time saver and the uses are endless. Great product.

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