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Veggies all the way !
Green veggie spirals are a great addition to my family. They are fresh and taste good. I love cooking with them.
Surprisingly Similar Texture
I was pleasantly surprised when I first used their sprialized zucchini pasta! I'm a vegan, so I cooked them al dente, and added vegan hamburger crumble, and my homemade pasta sauce. I topped it with vegan parmesan cheese (nutritional yeast flakes, salt, walnuts blended up). I fell in love with these vegetable noodles! It was so good, and more healthy with getting in an extra serving of veggies! They cook up quickly too! They're great for healthier eating, and for those who have trouble with gluten (I do too, frequently). They're fantastic! I need to try the other kinds though.
Veggie Spirals
I loved these! They were firm and not sqishy like other brands I've tried. Great for a quick side dish
Green Giant Veggie Spirals
I bought green giant veggie spirals for my grandson who is a picky eater green giant veggie spirals is made with 100% vegetables,it's very healthy and they taste awesome.My grandson now eats his veggies.A perfect addition to any meal or by it self
Delicious and Easy
These veggie spirals by Green Giant are fantastic! I love that I can cook them quickly and they are already spiralized, which takes the effort out of cooking for me. I can have a delicious and nutritious meal for my little ones in under 20 minutes. I like to add pesto to the spirals and some mozzarella cheese...yum! Really recommend these!
My favorite way to have veggies
I tried the carrot veggies. They are so fun to cook. It is a good way to incorporate vegetables without thinking it is a vegetable or carrot. The flavor is good. It takes all the work out of doing it yourself which is always a plus in my book.
Keto Friendly
I love using these when we make spaghetti. We are on the Keto diet and this is quick and easy to make when we are short on time.
Great for veggie lovers
Love it ! If your a veggie lover and need some veggies with your meal this is for you !!!!!
I love veggie spirals but it can be such a pain to spiral them myself. These products are so handy! I can keep them in the freezer and won't have to worry about them before they spoil. It only takes a few minutes to cook them and it's so easy to add to them to make them a complete meal. Perfect substitute for pasta.
These are great for a quick way to get some veggies in your meal and a lot faster that siralizing them yourself. A little in the speedy side.
Appreciate these clever (and good tasting) ways to increase daily vegetables. Easy to fix, versatile.
I love vegetables so I try this green giant veggie product and its so good and yumm.
I have been enjoying the Green Giant Butternut Squash with a little black pepper and garlic butter. Very delicious, quick and easy.
Definitely a time saver and convenience if you do not have an efficient spiralizer, but the portion size is laughable. Package states 4 servings, but as anyone knows who makes zoodles, you need a good quantity to serve as a pasta substitute, because once sauteed, the amount appears to be much less. Plus, you should not have to skimp on zoodles---for most diets, there is not a quantity limit to zucchini. This package is supposed to serve four. It serves two. The texture and size of the zoodles, etc, are all very good. But do not expect to feed more than two people per package, which makes this a pretty expensive convenience. Make your own with much cheaper fresh zucchini if you can.
Veggie Spirals are so convenient! They taste great, and make healthy eating easy!

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