Haagen Dazs Irish Cream Cookie Squares

4.9 5 0 68 68 A rich chocolate cookie topped with ice cream that’s infused with Irish Cream before the entire square is dipped in decadent dark chocolate.
Haagen Dazs Irish Cream Cookie Squares


Haagen -Dazs
I love it and my family love it and It is really good.
These are sooo good I was taken back how great they taste.
Love them
I absolutely love the taste of it and my kids love it also
Very Good But pRicey
Highly recommend this product it is very good and i will encourage others to try it at any time.
Favorite Ice Cream
Haagen Dazs is my favorite ice cream brand, but I don't love their spirits line. These squares are pretty good overall, and I'd recommend trying them out whenever.
Get in my belly! What a decadent treat! This adds so much style to your dinners. Rich, creamy and the chocolate is the best. Highly recommended for a positive impression.
You deserve this break!
Excellent product and am glad there adding products. Buy all of them and stock for that break I deserve! If you're going to have a treat, have Hagan Daz, you deserve it!!!!!!!!!
Yum yum
These are super yummy! Definitely recommend!!
Very Good Flavor!
I tried these at my son's house yesterday. I got him hooked on your older flavors, but this one is very unique as far as popsicles. I really like the strong cream taste . I definitely will buy these.
these are so good. sometimes it is hard to eat just one
Portioned, Indulgent
This is the ideal portion size for moms needing a small indulgency. One bite is really more than enough and if your husband/child steals the rest, it won't upset you because it's so sweet.
Yummy in my tummy
absolutely would recommend this to anyone of my friends and family members of whom like to try new products. This is definitely an awesome product to share with others. Happy weekend home tester club!!!
Haagen Dazs Irish Cream Cookie Squares
I am a dark chocolate fan and add the Irish cream making this a delicious treat and even my kids love these squares also they taste is fabulous and great for all kinds of occasions
These are a little pricey BUT these things are totally worth it. The cookie is larger than I was expecting and very filling. And the taste is to die for. I’m hooked and will definitely be buying these to satisfy my sweet tooth cravings!
Thick & Creamy
Yummy!!! Hits the spot! When you have the taste for a Ice Cream Bar, Hands down everyone, this ones it!

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