Hairitage Call It A Night Satin Pillowcase 1ct

4.5 5 0 65 65 Our Call It A Night Satin Pillowcase reduces friction for less tangles and frizz in your hair. Its smooth surface is also great for skin. Package contains 1 standard size pillowcase.
Hairitage Call It A Night Satin Pillowcase 1ct


Great option for different hair types
I love the pillowcase but I found myself a little nervous about washing it. I have a household with multiple hair types and I had at least two of them try the pillowcase. My curly girl loved the idea of not having to wear her bonnet to sleep. When she woke up her hair was as dried out as it would usually be with a regular pillowcase. One of my other girls tried the pillowcase after washing it and didn't like it as much. She felt more comfortable with wearing her SLAP while using the pillowcase.
Nice Pillowcase
I love how this pillowcase feels and it definitely keeps my hair soft and frizz free.
Great for no tangles
This pillow case was awesome to try out. I usually go to bed with pretty wet hair and wake up with a static frizzy mess, with this pillow case I saw so much less of this awesome product
A must need for hair and skin
I think the satin pillowcase is very comfortable and I really liked the color
Does a good job keeping curls intact!
I have curly hair and I usually wash and blow dry my hair before bed. I try not to crush my curls when I sleep. Even if I don't move around a lot in the middle of the night, I still end up with flattened curls when I wake up because of my regular cotton pillowcase. I love the Hairitage Call It A Night Satin Pillowcase because when I wake up now my curls are still intact!
Gooood pillow case !
This pillow case really does make a difference! I never really put much thought into satin pillow cases but after trying this one , I did notice when I woke my hair wasn't as frizzy or tangled when I woke up there wasn't any shedding and it didn't feel dry . I definitely recommend this product.
Cooling and soft to the touch!
The pillowcase is very soft and smooth! It is cooling and soothing to sleep on, especially in these warmer months. I find I toss my head around less at night as my neck and face keeps cool. I also find it much more hygienic as it does not collect as much sweat or dry skin from use as cotton pillowcases do. It is very nice to the touch for the face. The silver color goes well with many colors in the bedroom.
Silky smooth
I love my satin pillow case. It feels like silk and it keeps me a lot cooler at night. I can also see a difference in my skin on my using it. My skin looks so much healthier and younger!
Sleep Like A Princess
The Hairitage Call It A Night Satin Pillowcase made me feel like a fairy tale princess every time I went to bed. The pillowcase is soft and luxurious. The smoothness of the pillowcase helped keep my hair from tangling up at night, I noticed an unexpected benefit fewer hairs seemed to be shed! On the days I wanted to get up and go and not have to spend a lot of time styling my hair, the style from the previous day had been preserved. I experienced a more restful night and woke up with great hair!
I think it’s working
I am enjoying the pillowcase! I use a thin pillow, but there’s definitely space there if someone likes a fluffier one. I never knew that satin pillowcase is helpful for hair and skin! I think it’s easier now to brush my hair in the morning, it’s not as tangled, I’m always in a rush to take the dogs out and it’s no fun when the brush gets stuck, considering that my hair type is straight.. I had one concern - would the pillow feel too cold and not cozy with this fabric, but it’s absolutely not true, it seems that satin adjusts to the temperature of your skin.
Satin Pillowcase Review
The pillowcase is so soft like i could lay my head on it and nothing felt uncomfortable. It's also very easy to put on your pillow.
Nice, but not for me
I was very excited to try this pillowcase as I have been hearing such great things about satin pillowcases and how they are better for your skin and hair. With my cotton pillowcase, I notices creases on my face when I wake up that take a while to go away now. I felt like my hair stuck to my face more using this pillowcase and didn't notice anything different in regards to my hair...and I missed the softness of my Egyptian cotton pillowcase so unfortunately, this wasn't for me.
Cool and Comfortable
I simply love the Hairitage Call It A Night Satin Pillowcase! It has become a welcomed addition to my sleeping regiment and I really enjoy how it keeps me cool, leaves my hair looking great and there are no pillow creases on my face when I wake up. This is an awesome product and I really like the fact that as a person who likes to sleep cool and often has night sweats this pillowcase was a game-changer. My hair didn't frizz and remained intact overnight. Thank you for this wonderful addition to my linen closet and my level of comfort when in bed!
Great for Sleep and Hair
It was soft and kept my hair from getting damaged. It's also cooler than cotton pillowcases.
It does the job
I really like this pillow. I am a black woman with natural hair so owning a satin pillow case is a must for me. The pillowcase is very smooth and soft to sleep on. My hair is less messy and more moisturized after using it. It also fits in perfectly with my bedding set.

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