Hairitage Catch The Wave Deep Waver

4.6 5 0 50 50 Effortlessly create natural, crease-free waves or glamorous bouncy curls in a snap! The ceramic tourmaline plates with built-in triple heaters quickly and evenly heat up to style hair into gorgeous, sleek waves or curls while reducing frizz and increasing shine. Leaves you with healthy-looking, longer-lasting waves. Guaranteed with a 2-year warranty.
Hairitage Catch The Wave Deep Waver


Better out there
Honestly I was disappointed in the beach waves. It heated up fast once I figured out how to use it (power button hidden inside) I couldn't figure out the timing on how to make the curls actually look good without burning my hair off. Wish it had a beep or something with recommended time for best curls
Amazing waver
This wave is amazing and gives a beautiful big wave pattern in my hair. It looks so natural too. I also love the led display and soft touch grip. Another thing that I am in love with is the automatic turn off that's a must have in my household. It's a 10 out of 10. I also love and watch mindy on YouTube so it was so awesome to see this was her brand.
Good curler - doesn't look crimped
This deep waver was easy to use and resulted in more curls look than a crimped look like with some wavers. The product itself looks nice and high quality. It gets easier with more practice.
Durable & Deep
First off i love the feel of the handle. It almost feels like velvet. Its a little heavy to hold but its do able. The barrel is set fir very deep waves, which is perfect for my thin hair. When you clamp down it almost locks into place so you dont have to hold the barrel together the whole time it's waving your hair. The waves come out nice and deep. There is no smell of burning hair like with some other wavers. The one thing i would change is that on the opposite side of the barrel there is no protection from the heat. I went to hold the barrel together on both sides andnlearned only one side has protection. Which i assume is because it locks down on your hair. A word of caution... do not have the waver too close to your scalp when you clamp down. All in all I think its a great product. Heats fast. Seems very durable. Nice appearance. Deep waves that stay. I highly recommend this product.
Great tool!
I tried the Hairitage Catch The Wave Deep Waver and its a really good hot tool to create fun hair styles. Its pretty easy to use in comparison to other hot tools for hair that I've tried in my life. I like the effect of this deep waver, and it helps me create a fun look for the day. Overall, I would recommend this if you are looking for something to create deep wave hair looks.
Great tool for styling hair
The hair tool I have been waiting for all my life. I have thick hair with fine strands but it’s so straight it hardly hold a curl. I have tried hot rollers, single curlers etc without luck in keeping a curl in for longer than an hour or two. This wave deep waver produces beach type waves and I’m so in love with it. It didn’t take long to curl my whole head. It has 4 heat settings that starts with 280 deg then 320, 260 and 400. It heats up fast and creates consistent wavy hair. It is super easy to use. The temperature is also displayed on the barrel.
Catch the wave!
I loved how the the deep waver was easy to use! It is quick to heat up and makes beautiful waves! It reminds me of the crimper I used to have. I always have trouble making waves with my straightener , so this is the perfect tool to give me the waves I want. Perfect easy styling tool that makes you look great!
Love 💞💞
I loved how easy this product was for me to use. It made getting waves in my hair super quick and really cute. I always had problems with my curl staying. But with this product they stayed all night. Definitely would recommend.
Beautiful and Works well
I received the Hairitage Catch The Wave Deep Waver for free to try and review. The first thing I'll say is that this waver is absolutely beautiful. It is also so chic! Overall I was pleased with it. I gave it 4 stars because it so big, which kind of made it hard to use. I had to practice with it a couple of times before getting the hang of using it. It was packaged well, and seems to be sturdy and of good quality. The waver itself created beautiful waves, in my hair but they didn't last long. I would suggest using a light hair spray before using. I would recommend this product.
Excellent product
Hairitage catch the wave deep waver is amazing. It works great and gives me sleek waves while reducing frizz. I like the fact that the waves are healthy and long lasting. Overall I'm very happy with this product and I highly recommend it to everybody.
OK! Generally I refuse to buy any hair tools at all, other than your average HOT hair straighter!! If I want it curled under- my straightener can do that! If i want spiral curls- my straightener can do that too!! HOWEVER!!!!!! My straightener can not, in anyway!! Come close to the amazing beach wave you get from using the HOT "Deep Waver"!! I dont do the other hair tools because never are they ever hot enough! Its a waist of money to me if you have to spend 3 hours on your 1 head of hair! This deep wave waver- is amazing!!! It gets just as hot as straighteners! It feels awesome! So far there is NO hair pulling! The grip and entire device(?) is a very soft smooth rubbery feeling material! Overall YES this tool is absolutely worth it - and I want to get the rest of the products in this line just due to the fact that this one tool is made so good! In no way is it made cheaply- and it gets HOT like it should!!
Not for Me
I’ve tried tons of different hair stylers, and this is a tool I wouldn’t seek out or recommend. I find it rather difficult to use, and in having a hard time achieving good results. Not a fan.
Amazing curler
I’ve always had trouble curling my hair. I never know how to use many of the curling irons in the market and they are intimidating to me. I can never achieve the curl look I’ve always wanted. I was so excited to get the opportunity to test out this deep waver curler. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use. It took me a couple of tries before I got the hang of it, but I love how the curls came out. I will definitely be using this curler in between washing my hair.
Fun styles & multiple looks
I really enjoyed the look that it gave me and I feel that there are multiple styles that you could achieve with this product. It did take some time and isn't something I think I would use if I were in a rush, but overall I enjoyed the product.
Love this!!!
This is so easy to use and I love the results. I am not the best at styling my hair and I don't like styles that take a lot of work so I was nervous with this product of I would be able to do it or not but it was still easy to use and looks great!

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