HALLS Relief Mentho-Lyptus Cough Drops

4.8 5 0 307 307 HALLS Relief Mentho-Lyptus Cough Drops are ready for whatever life throws, or coughs, your way. With 5.4 mg of menthol per drop, these eucalyptus cough drops relieve coughs, soothe sore throats and cool nasal passages to quickly relieve your worst symptoms. Whether you’re using these cough suppressant drops for sore throat relief, cough relief or as an oral anesthetic, dissolve one drop in your mouth slowly, and repeat every two hours as needed. HALLS Relief cough drops are formulated for adults and children five years and older.
HALLS Relief Mentho-Lyptus Cough Drops


Like the strong flavor
I used it not only for a sore throat but every day for a good fresh breath
Instant relief
Heaven sent for sore throat and stuffy nose. This makes my cold and congestion more bearable and helps me to breathe a little better.
Instant Relief!
These cough drops provided instant relief of my sore throat and helped me feel like I could breathe again! The mentho-lyptus helped me feel like my sinuses were opened up and the cooling soothed my sore and scratchy throat. This a definite staple during the allergy season!
Ailment Cure
Have you tried cough drops that you kept popping because they're not effective? This may sound gross, but these Halls cough drops are like mini candy's with Vicks Vaporub inside. It gives that refreshing cool air sensation at the back of your throat, which helps open your nasal passage the same way fresh eucalyptus would in a steaming shower. Not only does it help you breath better, but it cures the sore throat and you don't have to keep eating them for them to be effective. Just take one and it's like a one-stop-shop for your ailments.
Halls has always to me been the best these cough drops open you right up and will give a sense of fresh air. Yes I would recommend
I hated when all of a sudden I had a coughing fit in class the library, a waiting room or at the store and it always happened when it was quiet. That's why always have halls at home or in my bag when the cold weather starts because they're perfect for keeping my throat soothes and my cough at bay.
Halls is the only brand I trust to sooth my core throat and cough. Reliable and always effective
Instant relief
Really helps when you’re in public and get that dry itchy feeling in your throat that causes you to have a cough attack. Instant relief and really soothes the throat. The scent and flavor is pretty intense.
Good Relief !!!
I am a person with a lot of nasal allergies and to avoid taking many medications I use these pills to control my allergy. For all nasal allergies I recommend that you use this product.
Great for that irritating cough
Works wonders when you have to work and have a lingering cough. It sooths my throat and keeps me from coughing in a quiet office. I also like all the other flavors halls has to offer.
Not a fan
These cough drops definitely help soothe my throat and keep me from coughing as much, but the flavor is just way too offputting for me. I think if you are okay with menthol these would be okay, but if you don't like it then avoid and try another flavor of these.
Halls is the best!
I love all of Halls cough drops, especially the menthol one's. They really clear up my sinuses and allow me to breath. They sooth my sore throats and I personally like the flavor. I always keep these on hand!
For a sore throat, cough and stuffy nose, Hall's mentho-lyptus cough drops are one-stop shopping, and very effective. The taste might not be for everyone - but if you're in the throes of a bad cold, you may not even notice it much! I usually feel relief after dissolving one, and have rarely needed 2 at a time. I even like using them during allergy season, or if I'm in air conditioning for awhile. Sometimes pricey, but worth every penny!
They helped me from allergies
I suffer from nasal allergies anytime my trees and shrubs, or those of my neighbors, are leafing out or blooming, at times even in winter. And these lovely drops help me breathe thru my nose when it is somewhat stuffy. That really helps me get thru allergy season.
Breathe better and quiet coughs
Halls provides relief from coughs, soothes sore throats, opens nasal passages, Menthol really helps with stuffy noses and coats the throat and thins mucous. The menthol flavor is strong and takes your breath away for a few seconds, but provides relief. There are other flavors that are good like cherry and honey that work really good without the strong menthol if you prefer something more subtle.

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