Hamilton Electronic Educational Headphone

4.4 5 0 120 120 PERSONAL STEREO MONO HEADPHONES LEATHERETTE EAR CUSH W/O VOLUMEHM1410 Features -3.5 mm stereo plug -6' Dura-cord-cord that is chew-resistant -Leatherette ear cushions -Impedance: 170 Ohms -Speaker drivers: 40mm Cobalt magnet type -When sealed, kills lice in 24-48 hours without use of chemicals -Player Included: None -Input: Stereo
Hamilton Electronic Educational Headphone


These are comfortable and have great sound quality. They are def a recommened in by book
I would say this headphone could be better. It works the way it should, but I think the quality of the ear part could be improved. If it were more comfortable to wear, this product would be great.
Okay Ear Phone
I bought these for my grandma to use so she could listen to audiobooks. She said they worked, but they were not the most comfortable. Personally, the headphones remind me of what you will see at the public library's.
Not great afterall. good price
At first glance, it appeared to be attractive and functional, so I decided to purchase it. Turns out it won't work effectively as I think
my favorite
These are one of my favorite sets of headphones/ They are so comfortable and easy to use. They store nicely in my gym bag. They are not very easy to clean but still are great.
Had to buy this brand for my childs computer class. Works for what we need it. They said it was comfortable and they could hear great. Price was really good. I recommend.
Good and affordable
I bought these to use for my virtual meetings and I found them to be a good quality for an affordable price. The sound is clear and they are comfortable to wear.
Ok for the price
were not comfortable and broke easily, but for the low price i guess not too bad
Nice headphones
Very nice headphones, stylish and quality of sound is very nice
sounds great highly recommend
These little things are great. I was really impressed with the quality of the bass. They held a lot longer charge than the more expensive earphones that i had before. would really tell anyone for the money you just cant go wrong. Posted on: 14 Aug 22
Excellent Headphones for virtual learning
I bought 30 sets of these headphones for my granddaughter’s 3rd grader classroom when virtual learning first started. They are very good for the kids as for durability. Of course, we are talking about 8 & 9 year olds, so yes, I had to buy a few extra. With that being said, Hamilton stands behind their products. I certainly recommend them for schools, whether at school or virtual . Great product
Great for kids
These are not premium headphones, but do the job. Sound quality is ok but do not expect high quality sound that you would have from other premium (more expensive) headphones. I think they are great for kids.
These are your old school type of headphones. The work good but there is not any sound cancellation or bass. I would purchase these for kids or to use a few times. Quality is good.
Good Headphones for School!
These headphones are great to use for school. They are pretty affordable, and can easily be replaced if misplaced or damaged. Wired headphones are more compatible with old-school computers that may lack Bluetooth. As long as you are willing to keep your expectations for sound quality reasonable, I would recommend the Hamilton Electronic educational headphones.
Works great
These are great headphones for my daughter who takes them to school for her chrome book. They were priced great and the sound is also a plus! They do not get too loud and so far they haven’t broke. We have been through atleast 3 other pairs this year!

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