4.7 5 0 67 67 PERSONAL STEREO MONO HEADPHONES LEATHERETTE EAR CUSH W/O VOLUMEHM1410 Features -3.5 mm stereo plug -6' Dura-cord-cord that is chew-resistant -Leatherette ear cushions -Impedance: 170 Ohms -Speaker drivers: 40mm Cobalt magnet type -When sealed, kills lice in 24-48 hours without use of chemicals -Player Included: None -Input: Stereo
Hamilton Electronic Educational Headphone
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Hamilton Electronic Educational Headphone
Hamilton Electronic Educational Headphone is a must have! I really loved the long lasting battery life. Hamilton Electronic Educational Headphone has a unique Dura-Cord™ – the chew, kink and knot-resistant, PVC-jacketed, braided cord – specially-designed to be more durable and reliable than ever! Hamilton Electronic Educational Headphone is lightweight and has a on-ear design of HA-1A. Not only allows for all-day comfort and easy compact storage, but also makes this model an ideal headphone for testing.
Nice invention
I especially liked the long lasting battery for camping, it pretty much worked for everything I'm doing and in need of a light. I really think people will enjoy this. It's powerful and support Convenient.
I like it.
They are good. But the voice was sometimes not that clear
Very dependable
My son is home schooled and these are the prefect headphones for it as it limits the background noise leaving him able to hear everything correctly and clearly thats being said by the teacher.
Good good so good absolutely good and I can't stop
Hamilton electronics headphones
I thought they were absolutely dreadfull these are way out dated and they should stop saling them
Great first headphones
We got these for our son to use on his tablet during meetings since we are working from home now. These fit his head perfectly and sound good. We've had problems with him keeping other headphones on but he keeps these on as long as we need him to.
Educational Headphone
Because of the Corona virus my kids are taking virtual classes the head phones are fantastic providing great sound quality plus my kids say they are very comfortable and durable
Good headphones gave me nostalgic vibes
These headphones are perfect for your child, teen or even adult education. These headphones feel and have the sound like your in school in the computer labs. The Sound quality it’s balanced and good
Love it
They are awesome. Light weight easy to handle. I love them and I really suggest buying them.
Muy bueno
Super recomendado el.sonido muy claro y el presio muy accesible
Es excelente buen audio y calidad, lo había utilizado y mi nieto curioso me lo rompió.pero es muy excelente y comodo
Great sound quality good overall comfortable fit and generally good item
Good sound.
Great sound blocking also love the designs would recommend this 9/10.
Great product very useful!
So I bought this product because I really needed a good headphone since I started working from home! I bought one for me and my daughter as well so she can use it for when she is studying and doing school works. This is so great I love the sound coming out on. This device and it is very lightweight and works really great!

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