Haribo Sour Gold Bears Gummi Candy

4.6 5 0 412 412 Haribo Sour Gold Bears Gummi Candy are the Original Haribo Gold Bears that have been made sour and tangy
Haribo Sour Gold Bears Gummi Candy


Love these! They definitely perk you right up!
Haribo make some of the most amazing gummy bears and are only made better by making them sour! The flavors are fabulous and they taste great. While they may not be the healthiest snack - they are one of my favorites.
Snacks and candy
I don't like them. The flavors or the extra gummy texture when chewing are yuck. I thought that they was supposed 5o be sour?
I'm Loyal
Haribo is the only type of gummy bear I'lll eat,all theothers taste like rubber in comparision..
Great gummies!
We love gummy candy and gummy bears. These are flavorful and easy to chew. Thank you for the sample!
Probably one of the best brands of gummies out,the sour flavor is my favorite,I actually like that the powder actually sticks to it,other kids usually falls off and leaves it flavorless
favorite gummies
I love this gummies. I like to chew this while watching shows, it's not too sour.
Was it good?
it was not as good as the original but it ok
I'm not a fan
These taste like dishwasher detergent.I prefer the original flavor.
ehhh not so good
I had high hope's for this product as a fan of gummies, sour and the Haribo brand. These gummies were extremely hard and they stuck in my teeth. The sour sugar was nasty. I would not recommend this product to my friends
so good!
I love sour gummies and these Haribo ones just hit different. Very flavorful and has the perfect chew. A lot of the times I crave these over the trolli sour gummy worms
I love the regualr ones and stayed away from these for years thinking I'd hate them but man was I surprised. They are so good. I now keep them around all the time.
Tasty and Nostalgic
These remind me of my grandma because she loved gummy bears and one time she ate these sour ones and her face totally puckered, it was so funny. Anyway, I love the taste and I love Haribo. These are one of my fav snacks!
Perfect for anyone that enjoys the puckering of sour candies and the softness of gummies.
Yummy gummies..
Very yummy gummies.. my kids love em & I do to. Other kinds do not have strong taste or they all taste the same. Thes are perfect you can taste different flavors they're not all the same.

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