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Stick to the original HP
Hawaiian Punch should just stick to it's original red/fruit punch flavor. I've tried them all (my kids wanted to try them) and the original is the bed. There are way better lemonades out there. A store brand is better and cheaper than this one.
I was in a birthday party and I had the chance to try Hawainan Lemonade drink. Way too sweet for my tase.
Great taste
Bought Hawaiian Punch Lemonade for my grandchildren who loved this drink. I really liked the flavor and it didn't sting our throats like other lemonades. I have always liked the fruit juicy red and now Hawaiian Punch Lemonade, in my opinion, is my new favorite. The gallon jugs are perfect for elementary school parties.
Hawaiian Punch Lemonade
My kiddos absolutely love this! It's refreshing and thirst quenching. We like it in all flavors but especially in the lemonade.
Hawaiian Punch Lemonade
In terms of the flavor, I thought it delivered exactly what I wanted from a lemonade. I thought it was a great balance of sour, tart, and sweet, which made it refreshing and delicious. Lemonade is a beverage that I enjoy making myself, but without proper time to to make it at home, I think that this would be a great alternative.
Hawaiian Punch lemonade is pretty much what you would expect it to be. It is very sweet and does not have the sourness of regular lemonade. It is tasty.
HAWAIIAN PUNCH LEMONADE I have tried, I really thought it was extremely way to sweet. I was on a sugar overload high- I normally only drink sugarfree because I watch my intake of sugar- for my health. I really don't want to become a diabetic. I definitely wouldn't give this to kids as a first, nor second option.
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I was amazed to find 24 counts at 7 bucks so I got it and perfect timing too, my kids just started school. Being I loved this flavor as a kid I had to try the first one. Well, it definitely didn't taste like I remembered. The sugar is way to high, it burns my cheeks for several minutes after a sip. Burn as a sugar overload sensation. I'm not giving this to my kids.i will save them and pour them all into a large container and water them down Then make freeze pops. There's something else wrong with the taste too. Like a powder taste that is very offsetting. Yuck!
I love this Hawaiian Punch Lemonade. Great tasting and wonderful to send in for class parties.
My kids loved this. It doesn't cost much and it tastes great. And it is easy to carry with the handle.
Oh yes we love this drink.. the grandkids love Hawaiian punch lemonade. They love it in different kinds of this drink. GREAT ITEM TO HAVE I N YOUR HOUSE.
this stuff is very good and it so easy on the go and my kids love this
Horrible bad tasting and loaded with artificial flavoring, coloring, preservatives and other ingredients

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